Ubuntu gaining popularity in India

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World’s most popular Linux distribution Ubuntu has gained staggering 160% of popularity in India according to Canonical CEO Jane Silber. The data came from security updates, downloads and the number of pre-loaded devices sold.

While talking to EfyTimes.com Silber said:

We see significant growth in Ubuntu adoption in India. Over the last year we saw 160 per cent growth. So, we believe that there is real potential and demand here.

India, a highly populated country has a huge number of computer users and this number is only growing. Most of these users rely on Windows (that too pirated :P) but with the advancements the country has gained in last decade and with a huge number of students belonging to Computer Science, Linux definitely has enormous growth opportunity.

The potential of Linux’s growth definitely has attracted eye-balls and this is why Dell started selling Ubuntu powered laptops in India last month. After China, India is the second country where Dell is selling laptops preloaded with Ubuntu.

  • Justin

    I really look forward to Ubuntu pre-installed on phones and tablets.