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  1. Hello,

    I use linux occasionally at work and I am loving it. Have a beefy lenovo desktop with windows 10 and a dell ultra wide monitor 3440*1440. Looking to transition to a stable long term everyday distro that can hopefully support my monitor(nvdia graphics),vpn and relatively secure as a power user.

    Like the look of linux mint,zorin and arch. I am not an expert linux user yet but feel quite comfortable on it. Advice?


  2. hello,
    its very interesting to read ypur blogs and updates about linix and ubuntu. I am bioinformatician working with ubuntu and would like to learn more about python and parallel computing. please share your contact deails so that we can proceed furhter.

  3. I like to get away from Microsoft AND the rest of the GAFAs.
    LINUX (if not already infested by these rogue guys) mais be one solution.
    However, the further I go the more I wonder whether, and if yes, to which extent LINUX and Mozilla are nowadays still a clean alternative to “Big Brother”, the GAFAs+M ?

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