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It’s FOSS is an award-winning web-portal that focuses on Open Source in general and Linux in particular.

While there are several other Linux websites on the internet, It’s FOSS specifically focuses on beginners to the Linux world. Its motto is to make your desktop Linux experience better. The goal of It’s FOSS is to increase the number of Linux desktop users, which is achieved by helping them solve various issues one might encounter. Tutorials are written keeping beginners in mind with screenshots and proper steps.

If you wonder how come It’s FOSS is different from several other blogs in the same arena, let me tell you one thing. All the tips, tricks and tutorials are tried and tested first by us. We won’t suggest you try anything which we haven’t tried ourselves.

Apart from how-to tutorials, It’s FOSS also provides information on various applications to improve the Linux desktop experience. News related to Open Source is also covered to keep the readers updated.

Awards and accolades for It’s FOSS

Apart from the regular appreciation by thousands of readers, It’s FOSS has been awarded:

What will you learn at It’s FOSS?

  • Learn more about desktop Linux. Be a Linux guru in your friend circle
  • Solving common occurring issues in Linux
  • Get to know more about desktop Linux and its usage
  • Know and discover new Linux applications and programs to use
  • Know about desktop customization and beautifying your Linux desktop
  • Learn about the latest happening in Linux and Open Source world
  • Become a better Linux user

How to get more out of It’s FOSS?

  • Visit the website regularly
  • Use the search option on the right-hand side to look for older articles on your topic of interest
  • Add our feed to your favorite feed-reader
  • Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get all the latest articles in your inbox
  • Like us on Facebook to stay updated on latest happenings
  • Join our Telegram channel
  • Do join our friendly community forum and seek help and advice from us and fellow Linux users
It’s FOSS Community
A place for desktop Linux users and It’s FOSS readers

Media Partnership

It’s FOSS has been the official media partner for several international Linux and Open Source events. Some of the main ones are:

  • Open Source Summit organized by The Linux Foundation, Europe
  • FOSSBackstage, Germany
  • OSCAL, Albania
  • Univention Summit, Germany
  • SUSEConf
  • ApacheCon
  • Southern California Linux Expo (“SCALE”)
  • Nest with Fedora

If you want to partner with us for your open source event, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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