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I love reading website, but I don't always have the time to do so, so I depend on the newsletter to provide me with the a good summary of what I should be keeping up with in the Linux community. I always look forward to reading the newsletter.

Marcelo Lewin


Superior format ... graphics ... easier for me to ascertain articles of interest ... thank you for redesigning

Hud Huddleston

Artist, USA

I have been a regular reader of both the newsletter and the web site almost since it first started. The articles are current, Unbiased, factual, and informative. With useful links for further information and research. Would recommend subscribing to any Linux user at any level.

Paul Illingworth

Former Lecturer in Computing, France/UK

I like the newsletter Super for lots of Privacy novelties, such as Proton VPN and secure mail client Tutanota. I also find the support and explanation about the Linux system and use of Terminal instructive. I have already helped several people set up a Linux distro on their old computer. Be sure to continue like this. Thanks for the good work.

Marc Van Hoof

69 years old retiree, Belgium

I find the newsletter to be clear, detailed, and comprehensive, addressing all the latest changes and updates that might interest me. I am pleased to get a Pro membership subscription, knowing that I'm supporting Abhi's efforts while gaining access to the best information available on the open-source world

Jim Sage

Retired Aerospace Engineer, USA

I am a linux fan and I think Linux's potentiel is much more than windows. I like to be informed about the last trends in the area without speculation and in a realistic way. The newsletter is perfect for that.

Aktemur Göktuğ

Data Engineer, Finland/Turkey


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