Download Free Ubuntu 12.04 Manual For Absolute Beginners

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Ubuntu by default is one of the most easy to use Linux distribution and this is why it is preferred by most of the beginner Linux users. It obviously doesn’t mean that Linux experts do not use Ubuntu. There are tons of official documentation along with numerous how-to tutorials available on a number of websites, blogs and support forums but these resources are available online only and it is difficult for those users who do not have access to internet all the time.

This is one of the main reasons why Ubuntu started working on a comprehensive beginners guide, starting from version 10.04, that explains the working of Ubuntu in great details and in equally understandable manner. With a motto to provide a smooth migration to new Ubuntu users, the electronic version of Ubuntu Manual is available to download for free. Under open source license, users are free to even modify and share the this user manual.

The free PDF version has two formats, screen and print. It is up to the user to choose the desired format of e-book.

Download the FREE PDF version of Ubuntu 12.04 Manual for Absolute Beginners.

Alternatively, if you prefer the print version, you can buy it for a small fee.

Buy Printed Version of the Ubuntu 12.04 manual.

If you look to volunteer and contribute to the Ubuntu Manual as a translator, programmer, editor or designer, the official Ubuntu Manual Project website.