Open Source Mobile OS Tizen Coming on Samsung This August

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It seems there are lots of interests in mobile operating system. While iOS and Android are leading the rally and Windows and Blackberry managing to put a stay, there are newer participants in this race as well. Last month Ubuntu announced its OS for tablets and few weeks later we saw the announcement of world’s first Ubuntu based tablets. Last year, Mozilla had announced Firefox OS for smart phones that is expected to be launched by the end of this year in developing countries like Brazil. The latest entrée in the mobile OS world could be of Tizen.

Tizen OS Samsung

Tizen: The power of Linux, Intel and Samsung:

After Samsung burnt its hands with Bada, it is now playing with Tizen. Tizen is an open source operating system for mobile devices such as smart phones, tabs, smart TVs etc. Like Android, it is built on the top of Linux Kernel. This project is supported by Linux foundation, Intel and Samsung. The prospect of Tizen are so promising that some in industry are saying that Samsung’s future is Tizen and not Android.

Tizen coming to a smart phone near you, this August:

Bloomberg quoted Lee Young Hee, executive vice president-mobile business, Samsung as:

The Tizen phone will be out in August or September, and this will be in the high-end category. The device will be the best product equipped with the best specifications.

The road ahead:

As it will be just the first of its kind, I don’t think it will be a proper device to take on Android or iPhone. It certainly will need time to build a user base for itself and needs to specially focus on its app store if it wants to survive in the race. Since it is backed by Linux foundation itself, I believe it will be well supported by the Open Source community. But this also means Android might have troubles in 2014 as the Android fan base will be divided among Android and Tizen.