Mandrake Linux Creator Launches a New Open Source Mobile OS

Brief: eelo is a new mobile OS based on open source Android distribution LineageOS. Its creator is trying to build an ecosystem which is free from Google and Google related products.

After the demise of Ubuntu Phone and Firefox OS, there are not a lot of open source mobile operating systems left in the market. But this doesn’t discourage people from trying something new in this not-so-successful domain.

A couple of months we saw the announcement of ultra-secure and privacy-oriented Librem Phone. And now we have a new crowdfunding campaign for a new open source mobile operating system called eelo.

eelo: An open source mobile OS for privacy-aware people

Gael showing eelo open source mobile OS

eelo is a new project launched by Gael Duval, the creator of now defunct but once hugely popular Mandrake Linux (later known as Mandriva Linux). As per Gael, this is an attempt to free us from corporates like Google and Apple invading our privacy and selling our data to advertisers. 

I’m not happy with this situation because iOS is proprietary and I prefer Open Source Software. I’m not happy because Apple is getting crazy with their latest products. They are more and more expensive, and not really exciting.

Also I’m not happy with Google and others. They have become too big and are tracking us by catching a lot of information about what we do. They want to know us as much as possible to sell advertising. Like millions others, I’VE BECOME A PRODUCT OF GOOGLE.

I want to stop that, at least for myself. People are free to do what they want. They can choose to be voluntary slaves. But I do not want this situation for me anymore.

More than just an OS, it’s an ecosystem

eelo open source mobile phone os

eelo will be more than just a mobile operating system. It will have its own associated web-services such as email, cloud storage, online office tool etc. eelo is intended for people with a better respect for their personal data and privacy. But at the same time, it wants to give the end-user all the tools that a standard mobile OS provides.

eelo is forked from LineageOS, an open source Android distribution. LineageOS can run mainstream applications so it will be used to put together a consistent mobile and web system.

The project is called ‘eelo’ after eel fish because eels are small fishes that can hide in the sea. That’s symbolic of privacy.

Oh! don’t expect it to be 100% perfect from the privacy point of view at least in the beginning but Gael thinks it will be better and better with each iteration.

Support eelo on Kickstarter

You can know more about the concept of eelo in this official video:

eelo is seeking to raise a funding of 25,000 Euro. At the time of writing this article, it has raised a little over 7,000 Euro. If you think it’s a promising open source project, don’t hesitate to back in on Kickstarter:

Support eelo on Kickstarter

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  • If it is based on Linaege, how is this different from installing a Lineage ROM without the Google services. You can do that right? I mean no offence. Just trying to understand the difference here.

  • This is main reason whay i dont let my Smart Phone on Internet !!! Even app are written in such manor that invades user !!! So no Internet for my SmartPhone its Android based !!!

  • Ok.So I see a lot of comments about this being “another” Android. Well what’s wrong with having “another” Android?….one that doesn’t track you, spy on you, collect data on you?….the way I see it the current offerings are: either you buckle and spend over a THOUSAND DOLLARS for an Apple iPhone…or Samsung Note 8…….or……you turn to Microsoft and their “Windows Phone” which is just a joke……..or…….you spend “mid-market” prices for an Android device that doesn’t do anything great, but which doesn’t do anything horribly. For those who don’t feel the spark of this project, go the route of your Android device, and leave those who have a vision of some sort alone. I for one love the fact that someone else is noticing that this whole IoT thing is getting out of hand! From driverless cars to “FitBits”?…which are just another device with which to track you? I think I prefer going this route. If it doesn’t have the gApps store that’s even better!… I’ve heard F-Droid and others offer playstores that don’t have the stranglehold that Google does! Gael?…I emailed you once before, and now I’ll say it here as well, you’re onto something great, you’re about ot offer the masses an alternative that won’t require a slew of data collection practices, son’t stop because you’re efforts may pave the way to the coming “resistance” which will rise up against this giant, money-obsessed, advertiser-controlled, conglomerate that blends governments, with armies, with businesses and corporations! At some point?…the common man will refuse, and THEN, you’ll be branded an “Edward Snowden”….or a Julian Asange…..someone who’s “breaking the law” because you refuse to conform. Think it can’t happen? Look around the globe, notice anything?…..