How To Remove The Keyboard Applet In Ubuntu 13.10 & 14.04

This article was originally written for Ubuntu 13.10 but it is equally applicable for Ubuntu 14.04.

One of the visible changes in Ubuntu 13.10 is the new keyboard applet indicator which is enabled by default. This keyboard applet indicator is used for quickly switching between keyboard layouts for various languages. But most of us, I presume, use just one language and mostly just one keyboard layout. And precisely for this reason, it is pretty useless for most of the users.

Ubuntu Keyboard Applet Indicator

It is better to disable keyboard applet indicator in Ubuntu 13.10 if you don’t use it. In this quick post, I’ll show you how to remove the keyboard applet indicator from Ubuntu 13.10.

Disable keyboard applet indicator:

As a first step, go to System Settings. I presume that you can open the System Settings. Next step is to click on Text Entry.

Keyboard Applet Indicator in Ubuntu 13.10

In the Text Entry, look on the left bottom corner. There should be a “Show current input source in the menu bar” check box. Just uncheck this box. The applet indicator will disappear instantly.

Disable Keyboard Applet Indicator in Ubuntu 13.10

As you just is, it is really easy to disable the keyboard applet indicator, if you know where to find it. Another applet indicator issue is no Dropbox indicator in Ubuntu 13.10. You may want to fix that as well, if it troubles you. Enjoy :)

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