Getting Started With NixOS

Want to explore the immutable NixOS distro? This tutorial series will help you with your NixOS journey.

NixOS is an advanced Linux distro that has been built from scratch.

With the focus on immutability, it differs significantly from the average general-purpose Linux distribution.

I have no hesitation in calling it an advanced Linux distro because things are very different here, especially the Nix package manager.

Different can quickly become overwhelming. And that's the reason why we created this tutorial series to guide you in your NixOS exploration.

Before you install it

Think! Do you need to install NixOS? Why would you go out of your comfort zone to try something that is not mainstream?

Here are a few reasons to convince you to try NixOS.

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using NixOS Linux
NixOS is an exciting distribution. Let’s take a look why you might want to give it a try.

Installing NixOS

Since you are trying a new distro which you may or may not like, it would be wise to install it in a virtual machine first.

This way, you get to try it without disturbing your current setup. I find it the safest way to try a new distribution.

This tutorial shows the steps for installing NixOS in VirtualBox.

NixOS Series #2: How to Install NixOS on a Virtual Machine?
Want to try NixOS? Get started by installing it on a virtual machine.

Get familiar with Nix package manager

The strongest point of NixOS is its package manager.

But it's not anywhere close to APT or DNF in simplicity and this is why you need to learn its working. This tutorial helps you with that.

NixOS Series #3: Add and Remove Packages
It can be a bit different when installing and removing packages in NixOS. Here, we explain it to make things easy.

Things to do after installing NixOS

Here are a few tips to get you started with your freshly installed NixOS.

NixOS Series #4: Things To Do After Installing NixOS
What do you do right after installing NixOS? Clueless? We got your back.

Use Home Manager

The Nix package manager is good for a single-user system. If you are running multiple users, home manager is an excellent way to cater needs of every user separately.

NixOS Series #5: How to set up home-manager on NixOS?
Here’s how you can easily set up the home-manager to install/remove packages on NixOS.

Of course, the learning doesn't stop here and there is more to the NixOS. But this should give you the required basic building block.

Enjoy NixOS!

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