Getting Started With Fedora Linux

If you are new to Fedora and looking for some helpful resources to help you get started with it, you are at the right place.

This is a curated collection of tutorials segregated into sections. This will guide you at various stages of your Fedora journey. You can go through the topics you like and skip the one you are familiar with or the ones that are not applicable to your system.

Does that sound good? Here you go!

Installing Fedora Linux: Here are your options

Get started with Fedora by installing it first. You can choose to install it in a virtual machine or on an actual physical system.

Install Fedora In Virtualbox

Install Fedora in VirtualBox

Not sure if Fedora is the right choice for you? Try it in a virtual machine first. This is the easiest and safest method.

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Update Fedora

Install Fedora Standalone

If you are certain of using Fedora, this is the method for you. It replaces all other operating systems and data from your disk.

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fedora windows dual boot

Dual Boot Fedora and Windows

When you want to use Fedora but do not want to remove Windows, dual booting is the way to go forward here.

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Fedora Installed! Now What?

Alright! So you just installed Fedora either in a virtual machine or on a physical system. Here are a few essentials you must know.

Update Fedora

Keep Your Fedora System Updated

It may sound trivial but keeping your system updated is essential for a secure and functional system.

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Fedora Third Party Repositories

Add Third Party Repositories

Fedora only provides open source software in its repositories. Access more apps with this tip.

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Install Rpm Packages Fedora

Install RPM files in Fedora

You’ll often end up downloading RPM files from project websites. Learn more about using them.

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Gaming and Entertainment

Your system is updated and has access to tons of new software thanks to the third-party repositories. How about gaming on your Fedora or play some old school DVDs?

Install Nvidia Drivers In Fedora

Install Nvidia Drivers

If your system has Nvidia graphics card, you should install proprietary drivers for better gaming experience.

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install steam fedora

Play Games with Steam

Gaming on Linux is improved a lot thanks to Steam. Install Steam and get access to a huge gaming library.

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Install Rpm Packages Fedora

Add DVD Support

DVDs may not be fashionable anymore but they are not completely obsolete yet.

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