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Collection of useful tutorials for new Fedora users.
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If you are new to Fedora and looking for helpful resources to help you get started, you are at the right place.

This is a curated collection of tutorials segregated into sections. This will guide you at various stages of your Fedora journey. You can go through the topics you like and skip the ones you are familiar with or the ones that do not apply to your system and your scenario.

Does that sound good? Here you go!

Before You Try Fedora

Think again. Should you really try Fedora?

If you are looking for something in the Red Hat domain, Fedora is a good choice to start for free.

Fedora Vs Red Hat: Which Linux Distro Should You Use and Why?
Fedora and Red Hat. Both Linux distributions belong to the same organization, both use RPM package manager and both provide desktop and server editions. Both Linux distributions have a greater impact on the operating system world. This is why it is easier to get confused between the two similar…

You may also get Red Hat for free but I believe that Fedora is a better choice for personal, desktop usage.

Speaking of desktops, Ubuntu is perhaps the most popular Linux distro out there. So why should you use Fedora? This article explains the difference between Ubuntu and Fedora.

Ubuntu or Fedora: Which One Should You Use and Why
Brief: Ubuntu or Fedora? What’s the difference? Which is better? Which one should you use? Read this comparison of Ubuntu and Fedora. Ubuntu and Fedora are one of the most popular Linux distributions out there. Making a decision to choose between using Ubuntu and Fedora is not an easy

Installing Fedora

So you have finally decided to give Fedora a try. How do you do that? I recommend going for the safer option of exploring Fedora in a virtual machine first. This way, you can experience Fedora inside your Windows system.

How to Install Fedora in VirtualBox [With Steps for USB, Clipboard and Folder Sharing]
If you are curious about Fedora Linux, there are several ways to try it. You could install Fedora Linux alongside Windows but that’s a bit of an effort. An easier way that won’t affect your current operating system is to create a live USB of Fedora. An alternative

Though it is not necessary, but if you like Fedora Linux, you can choose to install it alongside Windows in dual boot mode. This way, you get both operating systems in the same computer. You can boot into Windows or Fedora from the boot screen.

How to Dual Boot Fedora and Windows
Brief: This detailed tutorial shows you how to dual boot Fedora Linux with Windows 10, step-by-step, accompanied by proper screenshots. Dual booting Linux and Windows is one of the popular ways to enjoy the full potential of the two operating systems. You have both Linux and Windows installed o…

Fedora Installed! Now What?

Alright! So you just installed Fedora either in a virtual machine or on a physical system. Here are a few essentials you must know.

Keep Your Fedora System Updated

It may sound trivial but keeping your system updated is essential for a secure and functional system.

How To Update a Fedora Linux System [Beginner’s Tutorial]
This quick tutorial shows various ways to update a Fedora Linux install. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t ave much experience with a non-Ubuntu distribution. Trying Fedora was a different kind of experience for me. The first thing I did after installing Fedora was to try and

Add Third Party Repositories

Fedora only provides open source software in its repositories. Access more apps with this tip.

How to Add Third-Party Repositories in Fedora and Get Access to a Huge Number of Additional Software
After you install Fedora, you may discover that some of the popular Linux software that you want to install are not available in the software store. This is because Fedora enforces the following guidelines when it comes to packages: * If it is proprietary, it cannot be included in Fedora…

Install RPM files in Fedora

You’ll often end up downloading RPM files from project websites. Learn more about using them.

How to Install RPM Files on Fedora Linux [Beginner’s Tutorial]
This beginner article explains how to install RPM packages on Fedora and Red Hat Linux. It also shows you how to remove those RPM packages afterwards. When you start using Fedora Linux in the Red Hat domain, sooner or later, you’ll come across .rpm files. Like .exe files in

Here is an assortment of useful tips to make your Fedora experience better.

17 Things to do After Installing Fedora 37
Fedora 37 is an exciting upgrade with numerous features and visual treats. Can’t wait already? If you have already installed (or upgraded) Fedora 37, we recommend following a few essential things that can help enhance your desktop experience with Fedora 37. If you still haven’t installed i…

Gaming and Entertainment

Your system is updated and has access to tons of new software, thanks to the third-party repositories. How about gaming on your Fedora or playing some old-school DVDs?

Install Nvidia Drivers

If your system has Nvidia graphics card, you should install proprietary drivers for better gaming experience.

How to Install Nvidia Drivers on Fedora Linux
Like most Linux distributions, Fedora does not come with the proprietary Nvidia drivers installed by default. The default open source Nouveau driver works in most situations, but you may encounter issues like screen tearing with it. If you encounter such graphics/video issues, you may…

Play Games with Steam

Gaming on Linux is improved a lot thanks to Steam. Install Steam and get access to a huge gaming library.

How to Install Steam on Fedora [Beginner’s Tip]
Steam is the best thing that could happen to Linux gamers. Thanks to Steam, you can play hundreds and thousands of games on Linux. If you are not already aware of it, Steam is the most popular PC gaming platform. In 2013, it became available for Linux. Steam’s latest

Add DVD Support

DVDs may not be fashionable anymore but they are not completely obsolete yet.

How to Play DVDs on Fedora Linux [Quick Tip]
You’ve probably tried to watch a DVD after installing Fedora, only to run into an error. You are not alone. I faced this issue recently and I am pretty sure plenty of Fedora users like you and me who still use DVDs would like to overcome this petty issue.

More Tips and Tweaks

Fedora releases a new version every six months. Every release has a shelf life of 13 months. You can stay on the same release for six more months or upgrade the version immediately. Your system will prompt for the version upgrade.

How to Upgrade From Fedora 36 to Fedora 37
Brief: This tutorial shows you how to upgrade the Fedora version to a new major release. Now that Fedora 37 is here. You may have planned to upgrade your system from Fedora 36 to 37 as soon as possible. Looking at the features arriving with Fedora 37, everyone should expect

And if you are looking for something in the Fedora-verse but not exactly Fedora, here are a few choices.

7 Best Distributions Based on Fedora Linux
There are dozens of Ubuntu-based distributions available out there. Ranging from distributions for beginners to beautiful ones, Ubuntu dominates the Linux desktop space. You will also find some weird Ubuntu-based distributions if general distributions weren’t enough already. I am not going…

Keep Exploring

The best way to learn something new is by using it extensively. Keep on using Fedora and you'll continue to learn new things. You won't even realize how you have improved gradually.

💬 Want to add something else to this list? Have you got additional suggestions to help new Fedora users? The comment system is waiting for you.

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