Albanian Open Source Conference Is Looking For Speakers

Open Source Conference in Albania OSCAL 2016

The third installment of annual open source conference in Albania, OSCAL (abbreviation for Open Source Conference Albania) has been announced. OSCAL 2016 is scheduled for 14-15 May 2016.

OSCAL is the first annual international conference in Albania organized to promote software freedom, open source software, free culture and open knowledge. It is organized by Open Labs, a non-governmental, not for profit organization, dedicated to promote openness, freedom, transparency and access by amplifying its voice as a community altogether.

Call for proposals are now open for OSCAL 2016. This invitation is open for developers, Open Source advocates, GNU/Linux hacktivists and open knowledge troublemakers from Albania, the region and overseas.

The topic MUST be related with open knowledge, open source software and/or hardware, software freedom or generally open culture and knowledge sharing. There are a number of sessions available during the conference, so you can even submit multiple papers, but do keep in mind that presentation length for each session is 15 or 30 minutes and for workshops, it is 60 or 120 minutes.

Cost of travel and accommodation is dependent on sponsors. Previous two editions’ sponsors list includes big names like O’Reilly, Google, fsfe, NameCheap etc so normally they should get good sponsors even this year as well and that should cover the cost of travel. But as of now, there is no information available on the sponsors. In worst case, you’ll have to come on your own but you’ll have the chance to meet a wonderful open source community of Albania and that matters the most.

Participate in OSCAL 2016

Conferences like these are a great place to meet like-minded open source and Linux enthusiasts. My calendar is free for the month of May and I plan to go and attend the OSCAL16. If you decide to attend as well, do meet me over a pint of Birra Tirana or a cup of chai.

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