10 Amazing Websites Every Linux Gamer Must Follow

Best Linux gaming websites

Gaming on Linux is getting traction. We listed the best Linux games of 2016 in our last Linux gaming article. One reader asked about how can he be updated about latest happenings in the world of Linux games.

Now, I am going to regularly update you about Linux games but our coverage at It’s FOSS is not going to be very intense. So, in this article, we share with you the best Linux gaming websites we could dig up, in the world of Linux gaming:

Best Linux gaming websites

#1 Gaming On Linux

Gaming on Linux website

This site easily makes it to the top of our list because of its sheer amount of regular updates and efforts to support the Linux gaming world. Run by Liam Dawe, Gaming on Linux is a very active portal which will keep you updated about the latest news of upcoming games, reviews and more.

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#2 Boiling Steam

Boiling Steam Linux gaming website

PC Gaming With Linux Is So Tomorrow” is their notable caption, which reveals their immense enthusiasm in the Linux Gaming Community! This site is a clear competitor to Gaming On Linux.

Though not affiliated in any way with Valve Software’s Steam platform, Boiling Steam focuses on covering the world of PC Linux Gaming and the related Steam Machines launched since November 2015.

Ekianjo is the owner of BoilingSteam who is a long time Linux user both on the desktop or mobile devices.

It is worth to note that the owner focuses gaming mostly on Linux, and tries to avoid Windows as much as possible. Psppwner300 is another editor who is a great hobbyist Linux fan and writes reviews on various Linux games on Steam, with a serious focus on performance. He covers what Gaming On Linux  does not.

#3 Linux Game Consortium

Linux game consortium website

Linux Game Consortium aims to maintain the foundation of the Linux community and Linux gamers by keeping you up to date with the latest content available. They encourage providing various news and information posts, Twitter comments/postings, social media content and more.

It is good to know that they boldly focus on disproving the statement: “Linux gaming is not widely supported outside of the community” without hesitation. Linux Game Consortium looks toward encouraging not only existing Linux gamers but also new ones who have just ventured into the world of Linux gaming.

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#4 LinuxGameCast

Linux gamecast

This website though focused on Linux gaming, particularly belongs to the game webcasting genre which is pretty much exciting to see for every Linux gaming fan! LinuxGameCast aims to provide quality Linux game capture, news, reviews and more.

They are very welcoming towards viewers, Linux game developers and knowing about fresh Linux game news from fans! BTW, they sure have a hilarious way of announcing gaming news! Here’s one from 11th September:

They play their Linux games on Ubuntu, Fedora and Kubuntu. By the way, if you like gaming webcasts, you should know that you can use Twitch on Linux without flash now.

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#5 Linux Game Database

Linux gaming Database website

Linux Game Database or LGDB primarily focuses on Linux games that are beyond the planning stage and have released more than tech demos, either as source code or binary files. They get information about a game usually from its website. After carefully categorising the games, they are showcased with various screenshots and videos.

You can browse their database by applying different filters to fetch out the games you want. Ranking of games is done by considering user votes and popularity. The popularity of a Linux game is decided by calculating the sum of visits to the game’s page for the past three days.

#6 GamersOnLinux

Gamers on Linux website

GamersOnLinux is another amazing website on Linux gaming particularly because of their efforts to contribute to the world of Linux gaming. Their forum, in particular, consists of a wealth of information, be it guides, news and more!!

#7 RootGamer

Rootgamer Linux gaming website

The word “root” clearly shows the focus on the Linux platform and how serious they are about Linux as a gaming platform! RootGamer is a Linux-gaming website that aims to create awareness of the fast growing community of Linux gamers.

Created by Linux users, RootGamer.com was launched in 2012 because of their strong belief in the potential of Linux as a gaming platform.

#8 Play Deb 2

PlayDeb Linux gaming website

PlayDeb is particularly targeted to Ubuntu gamers (though it doesn’t necessarily mean that the games are unplayable on other Linux flavours), which is an unofficial project with the goal of providing the latest open source and freeware games for the current Ubuntu Linux release, in a user-friendly way.

They have a repository that extends the official repositories by providing latest versions and new games. It is interesting to note that gamers don’t need to wait for official releases as new game versions can be downloaded immediately as soon as they become available from their authors. The site  is administered, managed, developed and maintained by a volunteer group and the users themselves.

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#9 PenguSpy

PenguSpy Linux gaming website

The creator of PenguSpy, Kostas Mavropalias takes Linux gaming very seriously after abandoning the Windows Operating System. Kostas loves Linux as much as Linux games. Being a professional designer & developer, the owner decided to create Penguspy as a contribution to the Linux world.

The goal of this project is to raise awareness in Linux as a gaming platform.

#10 SteamDB – Linux


Though not an actual Linux gaming website, in particular, this regularly updated page can definitely not be ignored if you want to stay updated about news on Steam supported games. It is an absolute delight to see that steadfast increase of Steam games in that graph, isn’t it?

They also have a section called “Products that have hints of Linux support” where users can confirm a game to be reportedly working via GitHub or Freenode IRC(channel #steamdb or #steamlug). On the page, if at least five people press the “It works” button on a game, a pull request will be created automatically.

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Add your favorites to the list of best Linux gaming websites?

Dear readers, if you know about more such amazing sites on Linux gaming, feel free to enlist them via comments. We will be happy to know your favorite Linux gaming websites.

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can't forget the youtube channel of 'the linux gamer'

Great list! And great page! Haven't been much here before but now it's bookmarked. :)

If I may, if anyone is looking for Free and open source games for Linux, have a look at my blog: fossgames.blogspot.com

This site is amazing in all ways, thanks a lot. Just gooood stuff every time ...

Avimanyu Bandyopadhyay

Thanks Hakan!

Thanks for your review. Checking paydeb .

Avimanyu Bandyopadhyay

Glad you liked it Ariel :) !

How do you not include "best linux games," podcast and the site? Despite being a podcast he probably reviews and plays mpre linux games than all the sites you listed

Avimanyu Bandyopadhyay

Thanks for the nice update Bill! This is great! The longer this list grows the better :) !

Nice article! Will check these out, some are new to me :)

Also check out Lutris, an open gaming platform and game manager for linux!


Avimanyu Bandyopadhyay

Wow djazz! Thanks for updating us! The site is pretty cool :) !

> This site is a clear competitor to Gaming On Linux.

Um, no, we're not trying to compete in any way with any other site. The idea behind GNU/Linux is to promote openness and unity, not competition.

Avimanyu Bandyopadhyay

Thank you for taking your time and letting us know about your noble idea of moving together instead of competing, as that's the beautiful world of the open source community...thanks for making the point clear and staying so committed to the Linux gaming world.