1. Calendar events in the message tray

Want to see all the tasks and events (birthdays, meetings, reminders) due today? It’s right there in the message tray.

2. Improved fingerprint login support

If you have a new laptop with fingerprint reader, you’re in for a treat. Ubuntu 20.10 has better support for fingerprint login.

3. App reorder and organizing

You could already drag and drop applications in the menu to group them. This is improved a bit as you can now position the icons as per your preference in the application group.

4. Restart option in Power Off menu

It is now easier to restart Ubuntu with one less mouse click as you can see the restart option under the Power Off in the status menu.

5. Raspberry Pi 4 support

Ubuntu finally now has Raspberry Pi support with a few ifs and buts. You can use Ubuntu 20.10 arm64 image on a Raspberry Pi 4 with at least 4 GB of RAM. The micro SD card should be at least 16 GB in size.

6. Revamped screenshot tool

The GNOME screenshot tool has been revamped and it has a clean new look now but no new features as far as I see.

8. Linux Kernel 5.8

With kernel 5.8, you have USB 4 (Thunderbolt port 3) support, Airtime Queue limits for better WiFi connection quality, Intel Gen11 (Ice Lake) and Gen12 (Tiger Lake) graphics support among many other changes.

9. Newer software version

The new release provides newer version of the popular open source software: * Firefox 82 * LibreOffice 7.0.2 * Thunderbird 78.3.2 And more...