UbuntuShop Now Provides Tails Live Session Option By Default

Brief: Belgium-based Linux laptop vendor, UbuntuShop.be now provides the option to boot into Tails live session by default.

Remember when I talked about privacy-focused Linux distributions? Tails is one of the most prominent names when you want to ensure complete privacy.

Tails got famous when privacy activist Edward Snowden mentioned it. It is not your regular Linux distribution. You can only use it as a live session, mostly via a USB stick. Your entire session is erased once you log out of the system.

While using such a system can be a pain, but it could be good to have as an option when you want to be discreet. And this is what UbuntuShop is providing.

A few words about UbuntuShop and its products

UbuntuShop Linux computers

UbuntuShop.be is an e-commerce based in Belgium that sells Linux laptops, mainly focused around Ubuntu. There are also options for Linux Mint and elementary OS laptops.

Don’t confuse it with the official Canonical shop. It’s not affiliated with Ubuntu. However, they do have license agreement with Canonical over the use of term Ubuntu.

They mostly use Clevo notebooks built by BTO. Some additional tweaking is done to run the notebooks only with opensource drivers. The notebooks also have reinstall option in the grub.

With the revenue generated, UbuntuShop supports not only Canonical but also other distributions such as Debian and Tails.

Default Tails boot option for all the systems

Recently UbuntuShop announced the inclusion of Tails OS in all of its notebook range. So, apart from tyour favorite Linux distribution (be it Ubuntu, Mint or elementary) and reinstall option, you also have the option to boot into Tails OS in the grub.

Option to boot into Tails OS

You can also boot into Tails OS from inside your regular Linux system thanks to a handy shell script. You can find the details here.

Welcome to Tails OS

Frankly speaking, when I bought Dell XPS 13 Ubuntu edition, I didn’t even know about UbuntuShop. I might have considered it over an enterprise like Dell because small businesses dedicated to Linux need our full support to grow and to thrive.

If you are planning to buy a laptop sometime soon, I would advise you to go for a Linux Laptop and keep UbuntuShop in mind.


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