Give Your Desktop A Makeover With Super Flat Remix Icon Theme

Super Flat Remix Icon themes Linux

Last time we saw Square Icon theme pack to give a makeover to your desktop Linux. Today we are going to see another beautiful icon theme, Super Flat Remix.

As the name suggests, Super Flat Remix is a flat icon theme. Flat icons are quite popular these days and we have seen several flat icons in the past, Flattr being one of them. Super Flat icon theme is indeed derived from Flattr and Paper icon themes. It is available for all major desktop environment such as Unity, KDE, GNOME, Cinnamon, Xfce etc.

Here are few screenshots of Super Flat Remix icon theme by the developer:

Super Flat Remix Icon Theme Screenshot

Super Flat Remix Icon Theme Screenshot

Looks good, isn’t it? Here are few more screenshots of what it looked like for me under Unity in Ubuntu 14.04.

Super Flat Remix Icon Theme Screenshot in Unity

Super Flat Remix Icon Theme Screenshot in Unity

Only issue I found in Unity was the missing sound icon in the top panel. I had similar issue with Moka icon theme and I managed to fix the missing sound icon with Moka previously but not with Super Flat Remix.

Install Super Flat Remix icon theme

Intrigued with the looks? Why not give it a try? You can download the icon theme from the link below:

Download Super Flat Remix Icon Theme

To use the icon theme, extract the downloaded files in ~/.icons directory. If this doesn’t exist, create it. Once you have the files in the right place, based on your desktop environment, use a tool to change the icon theme. I have written some small tutorials in the past on this topic. Feel free to refer to them if you need further help:

If you try it, do share the screenshot of your desktop here in the comment box. You can add pictures directly in the comment section. Let’s see who has the best looking desktop with Super Flat Remix icons :)


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