13 Best Dark GTK Themes for Your Linux Desktop

Come to the dark side. Give your Linux desktop a gorgeous dark look with these super cool dark GTK themes.
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With the near infinite customization options you have on any given Linux distribution, the most visually noticeable difference is customizing the theme. Let’s take a look at some of the GTK themes with dark mode.

Yeah, we have covered the best Linux themes in the past but this one is specifically dedicated to the dark themes. There was a time when only programmers and sysadmins preferred dark mode but that’s not the case anymore. Dark mode is loved by normal people as well and hence I compiled this list of dark themes for desktop Linux users like you.

If you are new to theme-ing your desktop environment, you can take a look at our guide to install themes in GNOME.

Just FYI, this is not a ranking list.

1. McMojave

01 mojave
The stock image of how McMojave looks (courtesy of the theme developer)

McMojave is a GTK theme which takes inspiration from the macOS style user interface. This theme is offered in dark mode, obviously, but also in light mode, for… umm… whoever may want it.

The McMojave GTK theme obviously supports GTK based Desktop Environments like Pantheon, Gnome, XFCE, Mate etc; but, this theme is also available for KDE users.

To compliment your Desktop Environment, which is now looking very similar to macOS, you can also install the McMojave circle icon theme for an even more complete experience.

2. Yaru

02 yaru
A screenshot of the default Yaru theme on Ubuntu 21.10

Yaru is the default GTK (GNOME) theme that ships with Ubuntu. The theme’s orange accent with darkened gray and hints of black is something that I feel is attractive.

Now, you can make GNOME on Arch Linux look like Ubuntu. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

3. Pop

pop gtk
A look at how the Pop GTK theme looks on Pop!_OS

Pop GTK theme is a theme created by the people at System76 for their Ubuntu based Linux distribution, Pop!_OS.

If you liked System76’s take on how GNOME should look in dark mode, you can try out the Pop GTK theme in your Linux distribution of choice.

To complete the Pop-esque look and feel, install the System76 provided Pop icon alongside their theme as well.

4. Nordic

Nordic GTK theme preview

Are you someone who loves simple and a somewhat flat design approach along with some gray, well, a lot of gray? Look no further than this theme that is based on the Nord color palette.

The Nordic GTK theme gives you exactly that. A GTK theme with simplistic design based on the Nord color palette.

5. Ultimate-Maia

05 ultimate maia
Stock screenshot of the Ultimate-Maia theme

Ultimate-Maia is a GTK theme based on Google’s Material theme design philosophy. This theme has a subtle yet unique look and feel to itself, especially with all the different options available for the accent color.

6. Graphite

06 graphite
A look at Graphite’s flat, rounded and gray characteristic

Graphite is a GTK theme that offers a completely unique appearance to your Desktop Environment (especially GNOME) while keeping the uniqueness of your DE just as same as before. It is something to take a look at.

7. Qogir

Customization options available with Qogir GTK theme

Qogir is a GTK theme with flat design in mind. The Qogir theme goes above and beyond to provide you with customization options for title buttons, checkbox, radio buttons, switches and more.

8. Layan

07 layan
Lyan – A very rounded-corners GTK theme

You will be delighted to know that this list also includes Layan, a GTK theme with emphasis on smooth, rounded corners with a bubbly aesthetic to it. The Layan theme also inherits design philosophies from Google’s Material design guidelines.

9. Juno

08 juno

Juno is another one of the best dark mode friendly GTK themes I found on my radar. Some may like it’s pitch black nature, some might not. But, if you have an OLED laptop or computer display, Juno feels like it was made for you to use.

10. Ant Themes

Ant themes’ available options for customization of window appearance

Ant is a GTK theme that takes some inspiration from the macOS layout and user interface elements, and in my opinion, the Ant theme implements it all nicely.

11. Equilux


Equilux theme gives you a nice theme with a subtle dark mode. This theme blends very well with GNOME and GNOME forks. I don’t have much to describe this theme, it is simple and elegant.

12. Orchis-dark

orchis dark
Orchis Dark

Orchis-dark is the dark variant of the super cool Orchis theme. It gives the desktop an iOS/macOS sort of touch with rounded corners and fluid interface. You can guess that immediately by just glancing at it.

13. Elementary X

A look at Elementary X GTK theme with the settings panel open

Elementary X is a GTK theme based on the efforts made by the elementary OS team to customize GNOME’s appearance. If you did not know, elementary OS is a Linux distribution that is based on Ubuntu.


Themes listed in this article piece are nothing short of beautiful and neither are your options limited to the ones listed here. There are thousands more out in the wild.

Comment down below if you liked a theme. If you are using a theme that I haven’t mentioned, please comment down below.

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