Download Linux Wallpapers That are Also Cheat Sheets

Get more out of your desktop with these Linux cheat sheet wallpapers. They are wallpapers but they also double up as cheat sheets.
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Looking for some cool Linux wallpapers to download? What could be cooler for a Linux user than command line? How about using desktop backgrounds that also double up as cheat sheets? After all, Linux command cheat sheets often come in handy.

Download the Best Linux Command Cheat Sheets For Beginners to Advanced Users
This article provides a list of the best Linux command line cheat sheets you can download for free.

If you ask me, I am a fan of cheat sheets, but not as wallpapers. I do create cheat sheets or better to call it as quick reference guides, whenever I start working on something unfamiliar. In an earlier article, I did provide a Vi cheat sheet download. I had created it long back when I started working on Vi.

But cheat sheets as wallpaper!! Hmm! Honestly, I don’t even see enough of my desktop these days. But cheat sheets wallpaper could come handy. Specially if you have a desktop PC and your desktop is visible most of the time. It is like posting those periodic table charts or maps on the wall, for quick reference and for memorizing them.

Enough talking. Let me show you some cheat sheet wallpapers that could help you learn Linux command lines or a command line editor. Ready to roll? Here we go:

Download Linux cheat sheet wallpapers

I insist that you use the official download links.

Linux command line cheat sheet

Thanks to C Rogers, here is a command line cheat sheet that you can double as a desktop background:

Bash Command Line Cheatsheet Wallpaper
Bash Command Line Cheatsheet

GNU Emacs cheat sheet wallpaper

Emacs Cheat Sheet wallpaper
Emacs Cheat Sheet

No matter how many modern code editors for Linux come and go, Emacs has a loyal fan following that stays strong. Here is a dark wallpaper with quick reference to Emacs and its shortcuts. You can download the wallpaper from the link below:

Linux file system wallpaper

Linux File System cheat sheet wallpaper
Linux File System

Here is a wallpaper displaying Linux file system. You can download the wallpaper from the link below:

Vim cheat sheet wallpaper

Vim Cheat Sheet wallpaper
Vim Cheat Sheet

We have talked about Emacs. To avoid the infamous editor war, I would like to include a Vim cheat sheet wallpaper in this list. This wallpaper has a quick reference of most used shortcuts of Vim. You can download the wallpaper from the link below:

Regex cheat sheet wallpaper

Regex Cheat Sheet wallpaper
Regex Cheat Sheet

This regex wallpaper will aid you in understanding and utilizing regular expressions effectively. Download using the link below.

More on wallpapers

If you are looking for regular but beautiful wallpapers, I have got suggestions for you.

Download 10 Beautiful Wallpapers for Your Ubuntu Desktop
Default Ubuntu wallpapers look beautiful. But, if you want to top it off with wallpaper from another source, we’ve got your back. You can take a look at our separate list of default Ubuntu wallpaper collections if that interests you. Here, we’ve shared some of the best-looking wallpapers

Since you are into wallpapers, here are a few tools to manage those wallpapers.

Best Applications to Manage Wallpapers in Ubuntu Linux
This article discusses some of the best wallpaper applications for Ubuntu and Linux Mint. All Ubuntu versions have a set of default wallpapers that comes with it. You can easily change the background in Ubuntu or choose to create a slideshow of the wallpapers to shuffle the background image at

If you want to take the terminal customization to the next level, try this CLI tool.

Automatically Change Color Scheme of Your Linux Terminal Based on Your Wallpaper
If you are It’s FOSS newsletter subscriber, you already know that we have started a new ‘Terminal Tuesday’ series. In this, you’ll get to read about command line tools or tips/tricks to help you in the terminal. Terminal is not all about serious work, it can be

I know there are plenty of other such Linux wallpapers to download out there. What are your favorites? Care to share it with the rest of our community here?

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