Calligra Office App Brings ODT Support To Android

Calligra Suite Free and Open Source Office ProductKDE’s default office suite, Calligra is one of the best open source alternate to Microsoft Office for Linux system. KDE team started working on an Android version of this popular office suite, Coffice.The alpha version of this app was available for sometime now but a new stable version has been released today that brings support to ODT (Open Document Text) files.

First app for native ODT support in Android

Coffice becomes (probably) the first app to bring native ODT support to Android. It is strange that Google does not provide any native support for ODT docs either in Android or Chrome OS.

It’s just the beginning

This new version of Coffice is still in build stage despite of being stable. Which means it has very limited functionality at present. For the moment it only supports ODT format and nothing else. Support for other format will be coming soon, as per the developers.

Download Coffice from Google Play

Since Coffice needs QT, you must install Ministro before you use it. The best thing about Coffice is that it is licensed under GPL which means it is free to use for everyone.


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