Watch These Kids Having Fun With Linux Terminal In Ubuntu

I found this short video of children having fun with Linux terminals in their computer lab at school. I do not know where do they belong to, but I guess it is either in Indonesia or Malaysia.

Run train in Linux terminal

There is no magic here. It’s just a small command line fun tool called ‘sl’. I presume that it was developed entirely to have some fun when command ls is wrongly typed. If you ever worked on Linux terminal, you know that ls is one of the most commonly used commands and perhaps one of the most frequently mis-typed command as well.

If you want to have little fun with this terminal train, you can install it using the following command:

sudo apt-get install sl

To run the terminal train, just type sl in the terminal. It also has the following options:

  • -a : Accident mode. You can see people crying help
  • -l : shows a smaller train but with more coaches
  • -F : A flying train
  • -e : Allows interrupt by Ctrl+C. In other mode you cannot use Ctrl+C to stop the train. But then, it doesn’t run for long.

Normally, you should hear the whistle as well but it doesn’t work in most of the Linux OS, Ubuntu 14.04 being one of them. Here is the accidental terminal train :)

Linux Terminal Train


  1. WOW, approximately +5 month’s ago I saw this video on Facebook but there was nothing to refer to find this Tool. But now I have it !
    Thank you for share !!

  2. hahahhahhahahahha what a funniest stuff!! I’ve seen games and other stuff in terminal, but this is great, sadly short and sometimes basic, but very hilarious :)
    it made me a smile :D

    • semua komputer disana pakai Ubuntu ya? enak banget. Semua kopmputer yang pernah saya pakai disekolah sampai saya lulus SMA selalu windows.
      btw, ini sekolah apa?

      • sebenernya ini kampus, lebih tepatnya sekolah tinggi–bukan universitas. Kayaknya memang jarang lihat sekolah tingkat SMA pakai Ubuntu, paling SMK jurusan TKJ. :)

        • pantesan pake baju bebas semua :v
          nggak juga. saya sekolah SMK TKJ paenya windows. bahkan untuk ujian praktek saja pakai Clear OS yang tinggal klik klik. padahal standar kabupaten itu Debian 6.
          semoga Linux semakin dipandang oleh wajah S/N windos Indonesia :v /

          • Haha iya.

            Eh beneran pakai Clear OS? Saya kira Ubuntu atau Debian aja. Dan ternyata saya baru tahu, standar SMK TKJ pakainya Debiah. Hehe

            “semoga” nya saya amin-in dah :D


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