Indian State Tamil Nadu Switches To Linux From Windows XP

Linux India

Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu has decided to switch to Linux. The move is influenced with the end of support for Windows XP.

State’s Information Technology Department has suggested to opt for Bharat Operating System Solutions Linux (BOSS Linux) as a Windows XP replacement for all state owned computers. Hardware constraint is one of the main reason for option to Linux as most of the government owned computers are running on older hardware and cannot support Windows 8.

BOSS Linux is developed by CDAC (Center for Development of Advanced Computing), an Indian Government initiative. It has an excellent support for all the Indian languages.

Several other countries worldwide have been switching to Open Source recently. End of support for Windows XP has worked as a catalyst. Last month Spanish island saved over 700,000 euro. Munich, Berlin, French metropolitan police and several government organizations in various countries are mulling to switch to Open Source.

While BOSS is an Indian-ized Linux, there are several other Linux replacements of Windows XP. I hope (and I am positive about it) that end of Windows XP will definitely see a rise in desktop Linux ‘market share’.

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  • My mom is working govt hospital in tamil nadu. When I went there to pick her up, see was using Open Suse ..

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    BOSS Linux does not appear to be adopted by any Govt Department. There is no campaign to promote or popularise BOSS nor any effort to familiarise the ‘mango people’ with BOSS or open source in general.

    A few Govt Departments appear to have switched over to Red Hat; it is also reported that the Supreme Court had suggested to High courts and lower courts to explore possibility
    of switching over to Ubuntu, leaving BOSS out in the cold.

    All talk of India being an IT power fall flat if the OS developed/ semi cloned is not used widely and glitches overcome for developing better open source OS. Is it because
    CDAC does not have confidence in its own ability.

    • I know Yash.

      BOSS has Indian government stamp all over it. The OS is 4.3 GB in size and it has no torrent download. I have tried to download it several times but it gets disconnected in the middle.
      What surprises me that how many people in India has network good enough to download 4.3 GB directly? At least they could have put a torrent.
      Red Hat is more robust so it is fine that they switch to it rather BOSS but BOSS could be a good alternative for desktops in government office.
      CDAC at the end of the day is similar to DRDO or HAL while it should try to be more like ISRO.