Skype Microphone Not Working in Linux Mint 17 [Quick Tip]

The other day when I was using Linux Mint 17 on my older laptop, I found that microphone was not working properly with Skype. However, I haven’t faced similar problem while using Skype in Ubuntu 14.04.

I used this trick to fix microphone sound issue with Skype in Ubuntu 13.04, but that did not work this time. In this quick tip, I’ll share with you the fix that worked for me.

Fix microphone sound issue in Linux Mint 17

Open a terminal and use the following command:

sudo apt-get install libasound2-plugins:i386

Restart your computer if needed. The trick here is to install pulse audio plugin in 32 bit, even though I am using Linux Mint 64 bit.

I hope this quick tip helped you to fix the microphone issue for you too. Ciao :)

Source: Linux Mint Forums

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  • hello, I have the same issue, and, like bevin chu, my system already has the latest version of libasound2. so, what can be done now? I’ve tried using a headset in google hangouts, and it doesn’t work there either. anyone who could help? thank you in advance.

  • I have Mint 17 Xfce. The Software Manager indicates that
    is already installed.
    But I still have a problem with the sound in Skype.
    Could there be something else that also needs addressing?
    If the problem can’t be fixed this way, can I run Skype in Wine?
    How would I do that? I’ve never used Wine before.
    Thanks in advance for any advice you are willing to share.

  • Thanks! If it ever stops working I’ll know how to fix it. Although I usually don’t Skype with Ubuntu because my fan is louder…

    Also, i was wondering, i might be able to get my hands on an old computer, do you know how I could turn it into a server-type thing to use as a personal (500gb) cloud, which I could access from anywhere?

    • “access from anywhere” it means you need a domain to access it across internet (and not just your home network) , isn’t it? the best solution for this would be to use OwnCloud.
      I’ll add it to my to-do list and hopefully will write one for making a personal cloud server.