See Skype Edited Chat History In Linux

Track editd Skype chat history in Linux

One of the hidden features of Skype is that you can edit the last sent message. You press the up arrow key and Skype gives you the option to change the last sent message. The receiver would see the message with a special display that indicates the message has been edited, but the original message cannot be seen once edited.

But if you are curious about what was the message that was edited and you are using Linux, you can use this SkyPy command line tool to keep a track of edited Skype messages.

See Skype edited chat history in Linux

Download the SkyPy tool first.

Download SkyPy Tool

Since it is a command line tool, I am going to use terminal extensively. First go to the directory where you have downloaded the tool. Normally it should be ~/Downloads.

cd ~/Downloads

Next is to extract the downloaded file:

tar -xvzf SkyPy-SkypeSpy*

Go to the extracted directory:

cd SkyPy-SkypeSpy-SkyPy-7f921d6/skypy

Change the execute permission on the scripts:

chmod u+x *.sh

You would need to have SQLite3 to run this tool. Use the command below to install SQLite3 in Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get install sqlite3

Once you have everything set, run the command below to install this tool for your user id:

./ your_skype_user_name

Well, we are good to go now. Run the edited history tracker with the command below:


This command will display all the edited chats (after you ran the script) in the terminal. Here is an example of what it would look like:

See Skype edited chat history in Linux

When you think that there are too many messages being displayed, use the command below to clear out the history:


This will clean the screen and save the history in SQLite database backup and clean the tables. Alternatively, you can simply save the output in a text file by piping the output.

I hope this little tool helps you in keeping track of edited Skype message history. In a related post, see how can you use multiple Skype accounts simultaneously in Linux.

Note: SkyPy is developed by Siddarth Rao. If you also a Linux app developer, theme, Conky or wallpaper designer, feel free to use Contact Us page and I would be happy to cover it on It’s FOSS.

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