Notes: A Clean Looking Open Source Note Taking App

Simplicity is a feature. Perhaps this is the motto for the note taking application, Notes.

Notes is a free and open source note taking app with a clean interface. Its looks are clearly inspired from Mac OS X’s Notes application.

Notes Open Source note taking app

It is designed to quickly scribble thoughts. In one window, you can see all your saved notes and quickly access them. I won’t call it Evernote for Linux, but it is pretty decent note taking app for Linux.

The search feature is powerful. You can search among the contents of saved notes. This small, lightweight app also supports all popular shortcuts such as Ctrl+S for save and Ctrl+N for a new note. There is also an auto-save feature.

If you have ever used the good old Tomboy, you might like Notes as well.

Features of Notes

To quickly summarize its features:

  • Free and open source
  • Clean interface
  • Cross platform app available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Fast search
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Auto save enabled


Notes is not an Evernote alternative for Linux. It doesn’t intend to be as featureful as Evernote, not at present, at least. It’s a simple app to jot down quick notes and it does it pretty well.

But, there is one big problem with it. You see, it is cross platform but it doesn’t have a smartphone app. Personally, I like my notes to be accessible all the time, everywhere. A companion mobile app would be appreciated.

Also, there is no synchronization option. Your notes are saved locally. It would have been useful if cloud integration was included, like what Papyrus notes manager do.

Install Notes in Linux

Notes has binaries available for Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE distributions. You can download the binaries from the link below:

Download Notes for Linux

You can also download the source code or contribute to the project on GitHub:

Get Notes Source Code

If you try Notes, do share your experience with it in the comment section.

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  • I’d say if you’re looking for a powerful yet simple notes app which can have hyperlinks between notes, hierarchical notes, checkboxs, spellcheck, some light formating and an ability to sync through dropbox (and also amazing support for Right-To-Left languages) look no further than Zim. It’s my central day to day tool and it’s great.

  • Thanks for your review.

    The look is inspired from Mac OS X’s Notes application, but it’s only for having a base for the future version of Notes, the true promise of the app, Mainly, Story mode that let users create notes in the style of You can have more info about future features here:!contribute/cve1

    About a smartphone app. We might do it in the future if we have enough people on board. Also, we may support simplenote, so even without official app from us you would be able to use it on other devices.

    Syncing is on our future features too.

    Just to note: You can’t Ctrl-s, cause you don’t need, everything is saved automatically. And Notes currently, don’t support Fedora and openSUSE, only Ubuntu. (But hopefully in the future).

    • Thanks for comment. This project looks really interesting and I like how Notes looks :)
      Is it possible to track updates of this app? I see that in your page it is possible to download 0.8 version, but I’m not sure which one I have now.