5 Best Evernote Alternatives For Linux

Best Evernote alternatives for Linux

Brief: Evernote is not available for Linux officially. So if you are wondering how to use Evernote in Linux, let me show you the best Evernote Linux alternatives.

Evernote is a great note taking app that can be used across Windows, macOS and all major smart phone OS. There is one problem with it though. It doesn’t have an official Linux client. Like many other major apps, Evernote too has ignored Linux. But just because Evernote chose not to entertain Linux users, it does not mean Linux users won’t have any alternatives. In this post, we shall see the best Evernote alternative apps for Linux.

Best Evernote alternatives for Linux:

I have written this post keeping Ubuntu and Ubuntu like Linux distributions such as Linux Mint, Elementary OS etc. But these apps are in general available for all the other Linux distributions. I have deliberately excluded Electron version of Evernote Web in this article.

List of the best note taking apps for Linux presented here is in no particular order.

1. Laverna

Laverna Evernote alternative for LinuxLaverna is an open source Evernote alternative for Linux. It provides an official Linux client for creating, editing and deleting notes. Laverna does not have its own storage to store and sync notes but it can be connected with cloud storage services for Linux like Dropbox. This way all your notes will be available all the time.

You can take notes and create tasks. Laverna also provides markdown editing and syntax highlighting. It also has a distraction free mode. End to end encryption can also be used. You can download and install Laverna from its website:

Get Laverna

2. NixNote:

NixNote Linux App LogoNixNote, formerly known as NeverNote, is feature rich note taking app and by many considered as the best alternative to Evernote for Linux. Notes taken in NixNote synchronizes with Evernote servers so you won’t loose the notes if you use Evernote on other platforms., especially mobile OS.

In Ubuntu and Linux Mint, you can use the following PPA to install NixNote:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:vincent-c/nevernote
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nevernote

Download Nixnote

3. RedNotebook:

RedNotebook Evernote alternate to Evernote for LinuxRedNotebook is slightly more powerful and has more features than Springseed. While Springseed was simply a note taking app, RedNotebook is aimed to be a more diary like app. It includes a calendar navigation so entries can be searched by specific dates as well.

Text can be formatted, web links are automatically recognized. It also supports images. Notes can then exported as PDF, HTML, Text or Latex format. Optionally, notes can be ‘tagged’ as well for quick searches and a tag cloud is displayed in the interface with most used tags. Sound like WordPress, ain’t it?

RedNotebook is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X but no support for mobile OS yet.

Get RedNotebook

4. TagSpaces:

TagSpaces logoTagSpaces is rather unknown but a powerful and feature rich app.It’ss just not a note taking app, its a complete data management application that you can use to manage and organize the files on your computer.

As the name suggests, you can tag all kind of files for quick finding. TagSpaces can open all kind of files be it image or PDF. It can also take quick notes. A nice GUI tops all the features.

Get TagSpaces

5. Geeknote

Geeknote is Evernote for Linux command lineGeeknote is not a Linux alternative to Evernote. It is actually unofficial command line client to Evernote.

Yes, you read that right. Command line. If you can use Google from Linux terminal then why not use Evernote in terminal?

You can sync directories with Evernote, read notes in the console and edit them using any terminal text editor. Geeknote is available for FreeBSD, Linux, and macOS, making it the perfect cross-platform command line note taking app for geeks. 


If you want to master Linux command line, I suggest Linux for beginners course from It’s FOSS Shop.

Everpad [Perhaps discontinued]

Everpad alternative to EvernoteEverpad is the Evernote Linux client that Evernote never developed. Apart from accessing Evernote notes and adding notes to it, Everpad also provides the best possible integration in Ubuntu environment. It has an applet indicator for quick access to notes. You can use search for Evernote notes in Unity Dash thanks to Everpad.

For Ubuntu and Linux Mint user, there is an official PPA for Everpad. You can install Everpad using these commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nvbn-rm/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install everpad 

You can get the source code to install Everpad for other Linux distributions.

Everpad on GitHub

Springseed [Perhaps discontinued]

Springseed app logoSpringseed has a clean and uncluttered UI. It supports mark up language to format the text. Notes can be taken in a notebook and then in categories (like chapters). Springseed comes with built in Drobox support so notes in Springseed can be synced with Dropbox easily.

Springseed on GitHub

What do you think of Evernote alternatives for Linux?

That was the list of best Evernote alternatives for Linux. Do these apps stop your craving to get Evernote on Ubuntu? Which one you like the most? Do you use some other nice note taking app in Linux? Do share it with us.

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I long ago moved everything over to Google Keep. It is, of course, platform and even browser agnostic.

I can also recommend QOwnNotes (http://www.qownnotes.org) in combination with ownCloud (https://owncloud.org/).

Abhishek Prakash

It's your own product Patrizio :)

You should have just contacted me for a completely free coverage on It's FOSS.

I'll cover it anyways :)

Sorry, I didn't get a notification from your reply. :(

But yay, today I released version 1.0, the 100th release of QOwnNotes in 6 languages and with Freedesktop theme icons support. :)

Tagspaces is interesting for a lot of reasons, mainly related to issues that are completely different from what Evernote and similar ones do. Tagspaces is really interesting and holds great potentials for the future (also being opensource and the fact that "the tagging information is not vendor locked and can be used even without the TagSpaces application".
However, there seems to be one issue nobody has raised. Is it not a problem that the file names on the local drive are getting tags included in their name? Let's say you add 7 tages to a file, some of the tags consisting of many letters ('post-publication', for example) -- then the original filname will be very long. It that not a problem for file handling???


I don't think it changes the file name in any sense. The original filename remains the same. I think it just maps tags with the filename.


Hi Abhishek, Thanks for your reply! I tested it. It does change the filname - at least it does so on my computer today. Please see attached image (se tags are the ones in the squared brackets inside the filname).
Moreover, I just discovered that Tagspaces is incapable of searching subfolders. That means, it can only search the folder your are placed in. That is a very big limitation, I think.

Have a nice day/ Henrik


I just found this on their website:

"The application persists the tags in the file names. As a consequence,
the tagging information is not vendor locked and can be used even
without the TagSpaces application. The absence of a database, makes
syncing of the tag meta information easy across different devices with
services like Dropbox."

So it indeed changes the filename as you have rightly pointed out.
And I was unaware of this subdirctory limitations. It definitely makes TagSpace less useful in that case.

Tagspaces update. Searching in subfolders now possible if you place ? before query and tags can be stored in JS side car instead of filenames.


yes, nevertheless, Tagspaces has potentials it it overcomes these limitations.
Searching in all subfolders is not like reinventing the wheel, so it should be possible.
Avoiding adding the tags to the file names might be harder. Yet, image files are capable of holding meta information. The opensource image application Digikam inserts tags in image files' meta informaiton. If you transfer the files to another computer, the tags persist (even cross platform Linux to Windows, being opened by Digikam but probably also another application). Something similar might be an option for Tagspaces.

My problem with all of these is the lack of multi-platform working so I use simplenote which is web-based and with clients in all the main OSs. In Linux it's the weirdly named but ultra reliable nvPY. I also use the Android app in my Nexus 7 and the web app in my Firefox OS phone. It's very easy to use - and quite basic really - but very very handy.


it looks similar to Google keep. Haven't used it till now though.

Former Springseed User

Yes, definitely stay away from springseed. It's missing a SCROLLBAR! I literally could not scroll down after having more than like 10 notes in the same category. Very disappointing.

You can edit one of Springseed's application files to correct this.

If that's all that's keeping you away, would recommend doing this. The solution can be found on github https://github.com/byhestia/springseed/issues/176

Thank you for this post! I just downloaded TagSpaces and LOVE it. Have also been using RedNotebook for a few weeks and wonder how I ever lived without it (although the appearance on my Mac is noticeably poorer than on my PC -- weird, spindly text).


Welcome Pat...

Cannot comment on Mac as I don't have one :P

If you're seeking an alternative to Evernote for professional use I can recommend you Beesy.me. It is a web platform acessible with browser that is based on a dynamic note taking system designed to help you getting things done. It has also many collaborative features that makes it a great project management tool.

I highly recommend staying away from Springseed. It's going nowhere.


they are moving slowly. They released enhanced UI 2 days back.

Yeah, and I am still not able to access my notes (which aresitting in the dropbox folder) from the prvious version. I defintely would not trust this app with my data... full stop.

Sir Huddleston Fuddleston

Do any of these have the one killer Evernote feature, which is individual note encryption? I.e. you can select the text in a note and select "Encrypt selected text"? This allows one to use Evernote for sensitive information, without which one must use two notetaking devices.
(Please don't tell me of alternatives like encrypted Dropbox space, password managers, etc. Just tell me if they have the feature or not.)

So it appears that Everpad and NixNote have yet to update their repositories for 14.04. I always get an error when trying to add them. Thoughts?


Not much except that we'll have to wait :D

Great post man, thank you. All of them hidden gems (hidden for me until now)

karthik balachandran

Is it possible to install everpad in elementary os luna? I am unable to install it. Can you post how to install in elementary os ?


Did you try with the PPA?? If it supports Ubuntu 12.04, it should be working in Elementary OS as well.

I am getting error while installing Everpad. Tried many time as per your commands but no way.

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty . The error is like : E: Unable to locate package everpad

any way?


You are using a pre-released version. Everpad may not be available for 14.04 yet.

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