How to Install Microsoft Edge Browser on Ubuntu and Fedora-based Linux Distributions

Microsoft has overhauled its Edge web browser which is now based on the open source Chromium browser. And the stable version is finally available on Linux.

The new Microsoft Edge web browser on Linux

Microsoft Edge Linux Preview

After initial reluctance and uncertainties, Microsoft has finally brought the Edge browser to Linux. Initially announced in late 2019, the stable version arrived for Linux in October 2021.

Now, that it is finally available, how do you install Microsoft Edge browser on Linux? It’s quite simple actually. Let me show how to do it..

Install Microsoft Edge browser on Linux

Microsoft provides binaries in the form of .deb (for Debian and Ubuntu based distributions) and .rpm (for Fedora, Red Hat and openSUSE based distributions).

Go to the Microsoft Edge website:

You’ll notice a ‘Download for Linux’ button. Clicking on it will bring a dropdown menu that shows options to download .deb and .rpm for Linux and other options for various Windows versions.

downloading edge browser for linux
Download Edge browser for Linux

You probably already know which Linux OS you are using and can download the appropriate file.

You’ll have to accept Microsoft’s terms and conditions before downloading the file.

microsoft edge download eula
You’ll have to accept an EULA before downloading the browser

Once the download finishes, you should see the file in your Downloads folder.

Using DEB or RPM file is super easy. Just double-click on the downloaded file to install it.

install microsoft edge on linux

The file should be opened in the Software Center and you can install it from there. Alternatively, you can use a tool like Gdebi for Ubuntu/Debian based distributions.

install edge browser ubuntu
Downloaded DEB or RPM file should be opened in the Software Center application

Once installed, you can launch it from the application menu:

edge installed ubuntu linux
Start edge from the menu

On the first run, it asks to accept privacy policy. Uncheck the ‘Help Microsoft’ option to stop them from using ‘optional diagnostic data about you’.

edge first run on linux
First run of Edge on Linux

You may set up the browser for your liking and start enjoying Edge on Linux.

Microsoft Edge on Linux

How to update Microsoft Edge on Linux?

Microsoft adds its repository to the sources.list so that you get updates to Microsoft Edge through system updater. Now that’s super cool, right.

Microsoft Edge repository Linux

Alternate Method: Install Microsoft Edge beta on Ubuntu based Linux distributions via command line

In either case, you can also add the official repository to install Microsoft Edge on Linux. Here are the commands that you have to follow through the terminal to add the PPA and install Edge.

Download the GPG key for the Microsoft repository.

curl | gpg --dearmor > microsoft.gpg

Add this GPG key to the trusted keys in your system.

sudo install -o root -g root -m 644 microsoft.gpg /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/

Now, add the repository to your sources.list directory.

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb [arch=amd64] stable main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/microsoft-edge-stable.list'

It would be good to remove the downloaded GPG key because it has already been added to the system.

sudo rm microsoft.gpg

The above-mentioned commands add the necessary repositories. Now, you just need to install Microsoft Edge using these commands:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install microsoft-edge-stable
Microsoft Edge Dev Linux
Microsoft Edge on Linux

Microsoft Edge is currently a developer preview build on Linux but it works fine for the most part. You still do not have the ability to sign in / sync but considering it as a preview build, I must say that it is pretty impressive to start with.

Microsoft Edge Dev Preview
Microsoft Edge Dev Preview

Of course, it still may not be enough to replace your primary browser like Firefox, but if the need arrives, you may use it.

Is Microsoft Edge coming to Linux really a big deal?

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer once dominated the browser market share, but it lost its dominance in the last decade to Google’s Chrome.

Microsoft tried to gain its lost position by creating Edge, a brand new web browser built with EdgeHTML and Chakra engine. It was tightly integrated with Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana and Windows 10.

However, it still could not bring the crown home and as of today, it stands at the fourth position in desktop browser usage share.

Lastly, Microsoft decided to give Edge an overhaul by rebasing it on open source Chromium project. Google’s Chrome browser is also based on Chromium. Chromium is also available as a standalone web browser and some Linux distributions use it at as the default search engine.

What’s the big deal with Microsoft Edge coming to Linux? Don’t we have plenty of web browsers available for Linux already? I think it has to do with the ‘Microsoft Linux rivalry’ (if there is such a thing). If Microsoft does anything for Linux, specially desktop Linux, it becomes a news.

I also think that Edge on Linux has mutual benefits for Microsoft and for Linux users. Here’s why.

What’s in it for Microsoft?

When Google launched its Chrome browser in 2008, no one had thought that it will dominate the market in just a few years. But why would a search engine put so much of energy behind a ‘free web browser’?

The answer is that Google is a search engine and it wants more people using its search engine and other services so that it can earn revenue from the ad services. With Chrome, Google is the default search engine. On other browsers like Firefox and Safari, Google pays hundreds of millions to be kept as the default web browser. Without Chrome, Google would have to rely entirely on the other browsers.

Microsoft too has a search engine named Bing. The Internet Explorer and Edge use Bing as the default search engine. If Edge is used by more users, it improves the chances of bringing more users to Bing. More Bing users is something Microsoft would love to have.

What’s in it for Linux users?

I see a couple of benefits for desktop Linux users. With Edge, you can use some Microsoft specific products on Linux. For example, Microsoft’s streaming gaming service xCloud maybe available on the Edge browser only.

Another possible benefit is an improved Netflix experience on Linux. Of course, you can use Chrome or Firefox for watching Netflix on Linux but you won’t be getting the full HD or ultra HD streaming because it is only available on Microsoft Edge browser (not even Google Chrome).

I tried watching Netflix using Microsoft Edge on Linux but the streaming quality is as poor as the remake of Rebecaa. I hope Microsoft brings full HD streaming on Linux through Edge in near future.

Microsoft Edge Netflix Streaming Quality
Netflix Streaming Quality on Microsoft Edge Linux Version

What do you think?

What’s your feeling about using Microsoft Edge browser on Linux? Have you tried it yet? Do share your views in the comment section below.

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