Lime Text: An Open Source Alternative Of Sublime Text

Lime Text Open Source Alternative of Sublime Text Editor

It seems that Lime Text project has been abandoned. Please don’t use it anymore. Try these open source alternatives to Sublime Text in Linux.

Sublime Text is one of the best (if not best) text editor for programmers. Packed with numerous feature and great looking interface, Sublime is available for all three major desktop OS i.e. Windows, Mac and Linux.

But it is not that Sublime Text is perfect. There are bugs, crashes and almost no support. And above all, Sublime Text is neither free nor Open Source.

You can easily install Sublime Text if you don’t care if it is not open source but some people surely don’t tolerate it.

All these issues also frustrated Fredrik Ehnbom and hence he started an Open Source project, Lime Text, on Github to make a new text editor which looks and works exactly the same way as Sublime Text. On the question of why he decided to “clone” an existing text editor, Frederic mentions:

As none of the other text editors I’ve tried come close to the love I had for Sublime Text, I decided I had to create my own.

Lime Text is built in Go for backend while the frontend is in ermbox, Qt (QML) and HTML/JavaScript. The development is in progress with clear goals in sight. You can contribute to the project on its Github page.

Lime Text Editor

If you want to try the beta version, you can build Lime Text by following the instructions on the wiki. Meanwhile, if you are looking for other powerful text editors, give SciTE a go.

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  • “Go for backend while the frontend is in ermbox, Qt (QML) and HTML/JavaScript”
    So heavy and slow… no thx.