Here Is What It’s FOSS Readers Think Of 25 Years Of Linux

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Linux has turned 25 and we have already seen the timeline of Linux in last 25 years in the last post. This article is not about me telling you about Linux.

This is about you, It’s FOSS reader, sharing your thoughts on Linux, its past, its achievement, its future, your experience with Linux and your expectations from it. How could it improve in future?

In a Facebook post, I asked It’s FOSS readers to share their views:

I have compiled some of the comments here. Do read these and share your own views as well.

Maurice de Montaine writes:

It’s come a long way since I began to use it years ago. That, however, doesn’t mean it hasn’t anything to improve on or to develop. I remember having a lot of hardware compatibility in Linux years ago, but hardware compatibility these days has come a long way.

Ashish Pandey thanked Linus Torvalds:

without Linux, we cannot imagine the world now or in the future. This is how Linux has dominated in the world of technology

Thank you, Linus Torvalds

Burnno Wallace shares his Linux journey:

My first Conectiva Linux Guarani 3.0 – December 1998.. I did a big trip to Sao Paulo to buy it for 30 reais. since then I never spent a dime on antivirus… those were good times to grow up with linux.. boys spent money on cinema, motorcycles and other occupations, while I saved my coins to buy a magazine with a cd bringing a new linux distro… those were my boyhood days of happiness… every version of distro was like making a new trip… every application was like a new city… and today my 12 yo kid loves Linux in his laptop… my 8 yo kid love it in his raspberry Pi… and we keep spreading the dream… my neighbours all have linux and they love it… its a growing status of happiness over here…Linux brought me back faith in humanity. And today we use Linux to teach poor kids of our community. Thanks so much for everyone involved in this dream.

Mohamad Alji thinks there is room for improvement for beginners:

More mentors to initiate newbies

Anita Gorsha just cannot stop gushing over Linux:

Linux runs the world, what can you wish? ;) Better compatibility with M$, better drivers support, less bugs on desktops

Jeff P. Zacher says that though Linux is younger to Microsoft, it’s way ahead of MS:

Microsoft starting with MS-DOS is 36 this month. I would say Linux isn’t anywhere near 11 years behind. In some cases it is ahead of Microsoft. Gnome 3 anticipated Windows 10’s interface…..

Harsh Lathwal wants Linux to focus on desktop:

more users, more people understanding that freedom is better so its good to use linux plus many many easy to use linux distro out their . the only thing linux have to achive is huge userbase for its desktop part cause its already the best choice in IOT , servers

Joeffel Faelnar wants to see better Bluetooth support:

Improved Bluetooth stability

 Your thoughts on Linux, its achievements, its mistakes and its future are most welcome. Do share your views.

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  • I am just an ordinary user. My first PC was a second hand Mac. When that bit the dust for financial reasons I had to go to Microsoft.
    In my opinion Microsoft should never have been allowed the sort of monopoly they have enjoyed and it makes a mockery of such bodies as the monopolies commission.
    Linux in Lubuntu Yakkety Yak have a genuine peoples distro that anyone could use. It is light and quick and does everything that most users need to do. I have had a lot more help from their community than I was able to get from Microsoft when my so called free windows 10 upgrade would not work.
    What they could do for ordinary non boffin type computer nerds who do not want to know how it works but just want it to work is to make it work. Simple really. They should provide video tutorials instead of directing people to Ubuntu forums where a load of strange people are more interested in the question being off topic than actually giving an answer that ordinary people can understand and that actually answers the question. I have even seen in one of these so called help forums “it is free, what do you expect?”

    • I have been using Linux since 1999 and have used a lot of different distros. I realize that what I am going to say will not be popular here but so be it. in my opinion the problem you are having is not a Linux issue but is the choice of Ubuntu and also to expect to actually get any real help on their forums. The problem is that the vast majority of Ubuntu users are recent Widows converts who have either made the decision to use Ubuntu full time or for the vast majority who are just checking it out. As a result I bet that 99% do not know much more than what you do. A switch to another distro may serve you well, even though it is a direct fork of Ubuntu Mint Linux seems to have more knowledgeable people on their their forums. Some of the other distros to check out are the older long established ones like Debian, Fedora (this is sponsored by Red Hat Linux that is for the enterprise), Suse Linux, oh and another fairly new one based on Debian called SparkyLinux that I may switch to.. There are others but they are not for someone new to Linux. The people on their forums on the whole will be far more knowledgeable than those on Ubuntu. I do not know what answers you were looking for on the Ubuntu forum but the vast majority are there trying to get one or more of their hardware components working. Since the vast majority of distros today are Live DVD’s it is real easy to download a number of different distro iso files and using Windows based tools to create a bootable USB pen drive from the iso file. There are many out there but my favorite is LinuxLive USB Creator . This gives you the chance to quickly try out many different distros to see which one works the best for your hardware. For example just because your WiFi card does not work with one does not mean that it will not work on Linux. It all depends on what the developers of a distro decide to compile into their kernel and the very driver you need was not compiled into their kernel. So try one, boot it up and see if all of your hardware is working, if not then just say NEXT and try the next one. You may want to try out several different ones just to see all the different UI”s that are out there, you may like one of the different ones better than what is on Ubuntu.

      If you plan on using Linux you may not be aware of other Linux user forums that are not specific to any specific distribution and here are some that I have found helpful over the years. They are not in any particular order just listed them as I remembered them. ( also has a lot of useful tutorials) There are also a lot of tutorials on Youtube some better than others.

      Hope some of this has helped

  • Pretty satisfied with what Linux does for me. I already love the available desktop environments on Linux, and they are so much better as an alternative to the traditional Microsoft and Apple GUIs. I’d love to see the rise in Desktop share. I’m a student in Computer Science Engineering, and I’ve found it to be a viable alternative for everything that I do.