How To Add Remove Programs in Ubuntu

Add Remove ProgramIf you ever used Windows, you might be familiar with the “add and remove programs” tool in the Windows control panel. It lists the programs and applications that are currently installed on your system and gives you an easy way to uninstall them in couple of clicks.

When you start using Ubuntu, with time you will add several programs, tools, applications which are officially provided by Ubuntu or from other sources such as PPAs. A time comes when you might find yourself wondering: “How can I find what programs I installed in Ubuntu” or “How do I remove the unused programs in Ubuntu“. In this situation, as a beginner, you start looking for an Ubuntu alternative to Windows’ “Add/Remove Programs”.

So beginners, the alternate to Windows Add Remove Program in Ubuntu is its own Ubuntu Software Center. If you are using Ubuntu for some time, you must have used it for installing software/programs. Lets see how can you use it to uninstall the applications:

See what programs are installed in Ubuntu:

Open the Ubuntu Software Center. From the top of homepage, select installed tab.

Ubuntu Software Center Installed Software

This “installed” tab provide you information about the programs that are currently installed in your Ubuntu system. By default it gives the list of all the program installed from all the software sources. You can narrow down the search by changing it accordingly to see programs installed from a particular channel.

Installed software are shown category wise. You can look for the program which you want to remove by selecting it and clicking “Remove”.

Ubuntu Software Center Installed Software

Voila! Pretty much straight forward. Enjoy :)



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