How to Add an Application to the Dock in elementary OS

Recently, I installed elementary OS. It is one of the most beautiful Linux distributions. The user interface is different from Ubuntu’s GNOME and so is the user experience.

elementary OS comes with a dock with a default set of programs. This dock allows you to quickly access applications that have been added to the dock.

The dock also shows the icons of the running applications. If the running application is not added to dock, it gets disappeared from the dock after you close it.

You can, of course, search the application and run it again but having it in the bottom plank would be quicker to launch applications.

Let me show you how to add your favorite applications in the dock.

Add a new program in the dock in Elementary OS

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Open the application launcher. Select the application and drag it to the dock. It will be added immediately.
  2. You run the application from the application launcher. Right click on the running application and select the “keep in dock” option.

Let’s see the second method in detail.

To add a new program in dock in Elementary OS, do the following things:

  • First thing you need to do is to start the application. You can search for the app in the Applications.
  • When the program is running, move the cursor to the lower middle end of the screen. It will bring up the dock.
  • Right click on the icon of that application and you can see several options.
  • Click on Keep in Dock option and it will be added to the dock.

The screenshot below would be helpful to add the program in dock in Elementary OS:

Add a program to dock in Elementary OS Luna

And that’s it. I hope it helped beginners in getting along with Elementary OS. Questions, suggestions are most welcomed. Ciao :)

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    • You can add the file browser to the dock. I don’t remember for elementary exactly but if you press the Windows key and a number together, it opens the application from the dock. So if you press Windows+2, the second application from the dock gets opened. This is how do it in Ubuntu.

  • No, it doesn’t.
    I have installed Eclipse IDE in Elementary OS and when i do the above steps eclipse do not show any options for “Keep in Dock”.

    So, what should i do to add eclipse’s into the Dock?

  • Nice description. I’m looking for a way to add “unsupported” programs to the dock. E.g., I have downloaded and unzipped seamonkey and I can launch the binary from the file manager. It even appears in the dock with the correct icon while running. But the option “keep in dock” is missing in its context menu. Any hints?