How To Enable Double Click In Elementary OS Luna

Disable single click in Elementary OS Luna

Elementary OS is a beautiful Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. With Pantheon desktop environment, it stands out of the crowd of Ubuntu clones. While there are several exciting features, I really did not like the single click feature in Elementary OS.

In Elementary OS, if you click on a file to select it, it will be opened automatically. This is not the usual behavior which I am used to of. And it hinders in case you are selecting a file to right click on it for more options. Good thing is that you don’t have to live like this forever ;) In this post we shall see how to enable double click in Elementary OS.

Enable or disable single click feature in Elementary OS

We need to install Elementary Tweaks first. Open a terminal and use the following commands to install Elementary Tweaks:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:versable/elementary-update
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install elementary-tweaks

Once installed, go to System Settings and select Tweaks to start Elementary Tweaks:

Start Elementary Tweaks in Elementary OS

In Tweaks, from the left sidebar select Files:

Disable single click in Elementary OS

In here, just disable the Single Click:

Enable double click in Elementary OS Luna

No need to restart or anything. Double-click will be enabled instantly. No need to mention that you can enable the single click behavior following the same procedure.

I hope this quick post helped you to disable single click in Elementary OS. Any questions or suggestions are always welcomed. Ciao.

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