4 Best Linux OS To Replace Windows XP

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best linux alternatives to replace Windows XP

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP. Which means your computer won’t be getting any software updates including security updates. That would leave your computer running Windows XP even more vulnerable to virus and malware.

Now, you have only few options to replace Windows XP. And those are:

  1. Continue running Windows XP and make your computer un-secure and unusable
  2. Upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8 and pay at least $100 and more for an antivirus system and office products
  3. Switch to Linux and enjoy the freedom along with your saved money

Wondering about option 3 and thinking if you should really switch to Linux from Windows XP? Let me help you in making your mind. Do you use your computer mainly for surfing internet, watching movies, listening to music, do some regular work in office etc? If the answer to the question is yes, you can switch to Linux without thinking twice.

Don’t be afraid. Linux is no more only geeks’ playground. You don’t need to be a command line ninja or super hacker to use Linux. Normal human being use Linux too. Using desktop Linux is as easy as any other operating system. And if you wonder which Linux distribution is best for you, I have listed here 4 best Linux OS to replace Windows XP.

The Linux OS listed here are most suitable for someone habitual of using Windows XP, with similar interface. Also, these Linux distributions are famous for running out of the box so you don’t need to worry about troubleshooting. Enough talk, let’s take a look at 4 best Linux alternative to Windows XP.

Linux Mint Mate:

Linux Mint Mate to replace Windows XP

Linux Mint is known for its simplicity, hardware compatibility and pre-installed software. Mate is a desktop environment which is similar to Windows user interface with desktop shortcuts, bottom panel etc. If you have moderate hardware configuration, you can rely on Linux Mint Mate to replace Windows XP.

Download Linux Mint Mate

Linux Mint Xfce:

Linux Mint Xfce to replace Windows XP

If you are running Windows XP for a long time it could also because you system, which was once pretty good, is now considered low end device. This could be a reason why you did not/cannot upgrade to Windows 7 or 8. So, if you have shortage of RAM, low end processor such as Pentium 4, Linux is your true friend.

Linux Mint Xfce is Xfce variant of Linux Mate. Xfce is lightweight desktop environment which can run on a device with RAM as low as 256 MB.

Download Linux Mint Xfce


lubuntu best linux alternative to replace Windows XP

Image: Softpedia

Similar to Linux Mint Xfce, Lubuntu is a suitable choice for computers with relatively low hardware configuration. Based on world’s most popular Linux distribution Ubuntu and an extreme lightweight desktop environment, Lubuntu can run even on Pentium 2 processors, no kidding. Of course, you don’t need to be on the lower side of hardware spectrum to use Lubuntu. You can use it on a computer with regular configuration to get awesome superfast desktop experience.

Download Lubuntu

Zorin OS:

Zorin OS Windows 7 Look

Zorin OS is a new entrant in the Linux world with sole focus on bringing Windows users to Linux. Zorin OS imitates Windows 7 look and feel with obvious purpose to make (ex)Windows users comfortable with a familiar feel. It also provides option to change the looks to Windows XP. Packed up with several software by default, Zorin OS is the ideal replacement for Windows XP for a computer with moderate configuration.

Download Zorin OS

That compiles our list of 4 Linux alternatives to replace Windows XP with. Indeed you do not need to stop at these 4 Linux OS. Just head over to Distrowatch and have a look at different Linux OS available out there. When you decide to switch to Linux, remember that there are plenty of resources available online and a helpful Linux community to help you and ease your transition. It’s FOSS is just one of them numerous.

Which OS, in your opinion is the best choice to replace Windows XP? Is there any which you would like to add to the list? Do share your views.