How To Install Skype In Ubuntu 14.04

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Install Skype in Ubuntu 14.04

Since Skype is still the most popular instant messaging application worldwide, probably installing Skype is one of the first few things to do after installing Ubuntu 14.04. But if you tried to install Skype in Ubuntu 14.04 via Ubuntu Software Center and could not find it there, you are not alone.

Skype is not available in Ubuntu Software Center in Ubuntu 14.04. You can try downloading the Skype from its website by choosing Ubuntu 12.04 (multiarch) or you can install it using command line method.

Update: Skype 4.3 is now available in Canonical Partners repository.

Install Skype in Ubuntu 14.04

Since Skype 4.3 is now available in Ubuntu Software Center, you can easily install it from there. But before that, make sure that you have enabled Canonical Partners repository:

  • Go to Unity Dash and look for Software & Updates:

    Ubuntu Software Update Settings

  • In here, under Other Software tab, enable Canonical Partners:

    Enable Canonical partners in Ubuntu 14.04

  • It will refresh the software list. Now you can open Ubuntu Software Center and search for Skype and install it. Alternatively, you can use the following command in terminal:
    sudo apt-get install skype

Not required anymore:

The method below is not required any more. Open a terminal and use the following commands:

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb trusty partner" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/canonical_partner.list'
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install skype

This will install Skye version Once it is installed, you can run it by typing Skype in Unity Dash. Of course same trick should work on Xubuntu 14.04, Lubuntu 14.04, Kubuntu 14.04 and other Linux variants based on Ubuntu 14.04.

I hope this quick post helped you to install Skype in Ubuntu 14.04. You should also learn how to use multiple Skype account at the same time in Linux. Feel free to leave a comment with your questions, suggestions or a word of thanks. Ciao :)