WPS Office: Microsoft Office Clone For Ubuntu!

WPS Office LogoI always had the feeling that there is nothing in this world that the Chinese will not clone (legally or illegally). Look around, you’ll find a Chinese rip-off of anything be it software or hardware. They have Facebook and Twitter clone sites in China, they are serving the developing countries with replicas of the famous smartphone brands. And now we see a Microsoft Office clone for Linux (Ubuntu in particular).

Ubuntu has been chosen to build¬† “national OS” of China, Ubuntu Kylin. Good news is that Ubuntu Kylin will bring a new office suite with it, which is an almost exact look-alike of MS Office. This office product, known as WPS (W for Word, P for Presentation, S for Spreadsheet) is already in the market for Windows and is in beta phase for Ubuntu Kylin.

As you can see in the picture below, it is very similar to MS Office in looks.

WPS Ubuntu

WPS Ubuntu WPS Ubuntu

It could be considered as a good news because a Windows user, migrating to Linux will have an additional alternate to MS Office along with Libreoffice, Calligra, Open Office etc. While the rest of Office suits have different interface than Microsoft Office, WPS will be helpful in keeping the habitual MS Office user in its comfort zone.

Download the beta version of WPS Office for Ubuntu.

Picture Courtesy: linuxundich.de


  1. I started using WPS when it was called Kingsoft Office, then changed to WPS Office. I love using it because with a plug-in you can read and edit PDF files also. To me it is the only Office suite You need.

  2. its not clone at all!

    Kingsoft just made up the lack and meet linux users need, which microsoft can never match! they just want to enjoy earning money through monopoly.

    kingsoft did not do anything illegal. it is just normal competition. its time that we should swift our attention and ignore micro haha

  3. WPS is not cloning at all.just stereotype about chinese companies
    anyway there is no developing without imitating at the very first beginning.
    have to say WPS is the most user friendly office suite so far in Linux
    everyone just try it

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