What If Linux Users Made Movies!

Linux Movies

The title sounds weird, isn’t it? I am not saying that Hollywood people don’t use Linux. They might very well be doing it.

I am just trying to imagine a few movies made by Linux lovers and for Linux loving audience. If such thing happens, what would be the movies look like? What would be their title?

I have collected here a few images related to movies, modified and non-modified, that have a Linux touch to them. As a Linux user, you can easily see the Linux connection and have a smile on your face when you see these images.

Kill Bill

No real harm meant to Microsoft founder Bill Gates. But this is funny as hell. I hope Bill Gates won’t mind it :)

The GNUFather

This is my favorite. Free Software movement founder Richard Stallman looks real badass in this Linux version of The Godfather. What do you think?


Father of #GNU and #godfather It cannot get better than this ?? #Linux #Geek #opensource

A photo posted by It’s FOSS (@itsfoss) on

Guardians of the Kernel

I am groot!! An alternative version of Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Guardians of the Kernel

IP Man vs The Mask

Sorry for the low-quality graphics but this is all I could get. Nonetheless, this is one hell of a funny image.

IP Man vs The Mask: The Sequel

And here comes the sequel of the IP Man vs The Mask.

IP Man vs The Mast vs The Gateway

The Silence of the LAMP

I am not a fan of LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) installation, I prefer the silence of the LAMP :P

The Silence of the LAMP Linux Funny Movie

James Bond

James Bond won’t make a very successful spy in the Linux world.

James Bond Linux

Kill Command

That’s an actual movie and actual movie poster.

Kill Command

No Escape from Vim

You know that it’s a real struggle for new users to figure out how to quit Vim. This is why the jokes about ‘escaping Vim’.

vim no escape


The most romantic movie for a Linux SysAdmin: La La LAN :P

La La LAN Linux movie


This is a good one as well:

TOP GNU Linux Movies

And in the end, the ultimate funny one in rather low graphics :)

Linux Top Gun Movie

Your say?

Speaking of movies, checkout this cool CLI tool that lets you simulate a Hollywood style hacking scene in your Linux terminal.

Which one do you like the most? Do you have something that you would like to add in this Linux fan made movies? Do share it with us :)

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