VidCutter Lets You Easily Trim And Merge Videos In Linux

Brief: This quick tutorial shows you how to install VidCutter on Ubuntu and other Linux distributions.

VidCutter is an open source video editor for Linux

When we think of the best video editors for Linux, it’s usually the feature-rich and thus complicated video editors like OpenShot.

But not all of us require all those advanced features, do we? For me, simple trimming the videos is often sufficient for my needs. I think I was not the only one to think this way. Someone heard my prayers and released VidCutter.

VidCutter is a new open source video editor that does video trimming and merging, that’s all. Since it doesn’t provide advanced features, it is fairly simple to use and that’s what makes it more useful for simple editing tasks of splitting or joining videos.

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VidCutter video editor features

VidCutter is a cross-platform video editor based on QT5. It uses FFmpeg for the backend. If I have to list the features, it would be:

  • Open source
  • Cross-platform app available for Linux, Windows and MacOS
  • Supports most of the common video formats such as: AVI, MP4, MPEG 1/2, WMV, MP3, MOV, 3GP, FLV etc
  • Simple interface
  • Trims and merges the videos, nothing more than that

Not really a feature but more of limitation, there is no option to export the videos in other formats at present. It keeps the output in the same format as the source.

VidCutter Open Source video editor for Linux

Install VidCutter in Linux

To install VidCutter video editor in Ubuntu based Linux distributions such as Linux Mint, elementary OS, Linux Lite etc, you can use the official PPA. Open a terminal and use the following commands one by one:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ozmartian/apps
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vidcutter

Note: If VidCutter throws error while trying to load a video file, you should uninstall it and then install the dependencies:

sudo apt install qml-module-qtmultimedia

To uninstall VidCutter, use the following commands:

sudo apt-get remove vidcutter
sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:ozmartian/apps

To install VidCutter in Arch based Linux distributions such as Manjaro, Apricity or Antergos, you can use AUR.

If you have AUR enabled, simply use the command below to install VidCutter:

sudo yaourt vidcutter

Alternatively, you can check its source code on GitHub:

VidCutter on GitHub

What do you think of VidCutter?

In my opinion, VidCutter is a to-the-point application that does what it says i.e. trimming and joining videos, nothing extra. Such applications with limited features do serve a purpose. Simplicity is the key here.

What do you think about VidCutter. I would like to know your view on it.

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Works perfectly for me, finally a simple video cut&merge program that is simple and fast. Using it on arch linux (from AUR), no issues so far with large files (10GB or more) of various formats. Thanks a lot for creating this.

It could use a bit more keyboard shortcuts, and configurable time-steps forward and backward. Maybe I missed some existing keyboard shortcuts, e.g. to save the file I have to click on a button (instead of ctrl-s or something).

I gave 3.5.0 from Packman a try on Intel EagleLake on openSUSE 42.2. It seemed like it should be all I need, but I can't find any way to select edit points. There's no way I can figure out to use the film strip to move the pointer that doesn't reset playback to 0:00:00, and no buttons to FF, FR, increment counter or decrement counter. The only buttons I see are open, play. clip start, clip end, save media. Some prior clicking of the film strip before allowing it to play up to a commercial to remove left the OSD counter locked on 00:11:40.000. The frame counter does seem to work. I stabbed start and end near desired edit points, then tried save media. It returned instantly claiming success with a file size of 0.0B and length 00:00:00.000, and no new file to be found in the source directory.

Maybe you can only make one clip at a time. I tried one and it worked. I clipped out 5 and it did not.

pete the ozmartian

Hi guys,

VidCutter author here.. v3 was recently released, featuring a new mpv based backend which should solve issues noted here re capacity and compatibility... Arch Linux AUR and Launchpad PPA packages working all the way back to Trusty and RPMs etc. also available for Fedora, openSUSE etc.

New version also features frame stepping accuracy, mutli-stream support and a sexier UI.. ability to save to EDL, better drag 'n drop handling etc.... next version will feature multiple source video file support..

end of shameless plug :-)

Abhishek Prakash

Thanks for the updates Pete


Do not hesitate to open a bug report on the github. If the developer is aware of the issues, she/he may try to fix it. But if the dev is not even aware of the issue, the issue will perhaps never be fixed.

Please don't post the following.
Thanks Abhishek,

I'll do that when I have more time. Love your efforts on broadcasting Linux. I learn a lot from your reports. Great stuff.


I tried it out. Would be perfect to remove commercials from a recorded TV show. I loaded the movie. It played well. I removed 5 commercials and hit save. It had the original file name with _EDIT added to the end. Perfect. But then it came back and said it was clipping the movie and then I had a Zero Byte recording. It was gone. The file name was not stored. Gone. Too bad. I will have to try it again some day. Would be perfect for my needs if I could get it to work (using Linux Mint 17.1 with all updates).

perfect!!! exactly what i needed.

Thanks for pointing out this simple tool. Sometimes simple is all that is needed.

Old dog.

Slow learner.

Keep trying.

(to old and stupid to give up)


You are never too old to try new things :)

installed program and accessed from command line.

I get the following:

ERROR: Could not load classifier cascade /usr/share/opencv/haarcascades/haarcascade_frontalface_alt2.xml

Installed Vidcutter and dependencies on Linux Mint 18.1. Seems to cut fine, but clips don't show up in the Clip Index, meaning I can't merge anything. Any ideas what's up?


Can't say for sure. lease check with the app developer and raise an issue on their github page?

VidCutter would not open large mp4 file. only worked on mpeg2 for me. Got sound on one mpeg2 file, no sound on another!. The idea for the program is good but it needs to work properly, maybe this is a beta. I have uninstalled it for now.



I believe that this is more of a work in progress. Considering that it got highlighted, I think the dev will be excited to provide more features to its users.

Hey Abhishek, Vidcutter is closing up whenever I open up my video with it. :(

Terminal showing some error:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/vidcutter/", line 743, in handleError


File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/vidcutter/", line 692, in startNew


File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/vidcutter/", line 211, in initNoVideo


RuntimeError: wrapped C/C++ object of type QWidget has been deleted


Abhishek Prakash

Handful of issues. I would suggest to open bugs on its GitHub page so that the developer could fix it.

Does it work with transport streams of the type produced by video cards that record off the air digital television?

Pacman when AUR enabled?


Ah! My bad. Must have been sleeping when I wrote that :) Update the article.

I get an error 'Unable to locate package vidcutter" when trying to install this. I copied and pasted your command apt-get install vidcutter.

My error. I forgot the apt-get update. Installs as expected now.


Glad that you figured it out :)