160 posts β€” Discover new applications and learn their features to enhance your productivity on the Linux desktop.

8 Open Source Second Brain Knowledge Base Tools

Harmonoid: A Beautiful Cross-Platform Music Player With Essential Features

Convert and Manipulate Images With 'Converter' GUI Tool in Linux

Rnote: An Open-Source Drawing App for Notes and Annotation

Authenticator: A Simple Open-Source App to Replace Authy on Linux

Ghostwriter: An Excellent Open-Source Markdown Writing App

CPU-X an Alternative to CPU-Z for Linux

Atoms is a GUI Tool to Let You Manage Linux Chroot Environments Easily

Komikku: A Free and Open-Source Manga Reader for Linux

Micro: Making File Editing Easier in Linux Terminal

Marktext is an Excellent Editor Even for Those Who Don't Know Markdown

Sunamu: Display Lyrics for Currently Playing Music on the Desktop in Linux

Padloc: An Intuitive Open-Source Password Manager

Koodo is an All-in-one Open Source eBook Reader App for Linux

AppFlowy: An Open-Source Alternative to Notion

Tropy: An Open-Source App to Organize Your Research Photos

massCode: A Free and Open-Source Code Snippet Manager

Kuro: An Unofficial Microsoft To-Do Desktop Client for Linux

Compress Images in Linux Easily With Curtail GUI App

Thonny is an Ideal IDE for Teaching Python Programming in Schools

Amberol is a Stunning Looking Music Player for Linux That Just Plays Music and Nothing Else

'Speek!' : An Open-Source Chat App That Uses Tor

'Extension Manager' App Helps You Install and Manage GNOME Shell Extensions

Notepad Next is a Reimplementation of Notepad++ for Linux Users

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