How To Install Viber On Linux [Ubuntu and Fedora]

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Brief: This article shows you how to install Viber on Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Fedora.

Viber is one of the best instant messaging apps for Linux that provide a native Linux client. Viber is a hugely popular messaging application with around 250 million active users in 2015.

Such big application definitely demands to be available on all the platform. Good for the users that unlike WhatsApp, Viber actually provides a native desktop client for all major platforms including Linux.

The best thing about the Viber Linux client is that it’s not a half-hearted effort like Skype. Viber Linux client is quite stable and integrates well with the Linux desktop environment. You get desktop notifications, it gets recognized by the microphone and has real time sync. Calls are of good quality and you can also have group chats.

Altogether, if you use Viber on mobile, you can use Viber on Linux seamlessly.

Features of Viber desktop client

Some of the main features of Viber desktop client for Linux and other platforms are:

  • Photo and sticker messages along with text
  • Group conversations
  • Call other Viber users for free
  • Sync between your mobile device and your Linux desktop
  • Transfer calls between mobile and desktop
  • End to end encryption
  • Share contacts
  • Drag and drop images, videos and files
  • No registration required
  • Binaries available for Ubuntu and Fedora based Linux distributions

Install Viber in Linux

Viber provides executable .deb binaries for Debian and Ubuntu based Linux distribution and .rpm binaries for Fedora based Linux distributions. Unfortunately, these binaries are only available for 64 bit Linux systems. In addition to that, it is not open source.

If you want to install Viber on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementary OS etc, download the binaries from the link below:

Download Viber .deb

If you are using a Linux distribution based on Fedora, you can use the link below to download the .rpm packages:

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Download Viber .rpm

Once downloaded, just double-click on the file to install Viber.

Using Viber in Linux

Honestly, it’s not a rocket science. You will be asked to provide your phone number to log in into Viber and then you’ll see all your Viber contacts in it. Your recent chats will be synched as well.

Moreover, Viber user interface looks great. Compare it to Skype, that has the ugliest interface for such a big messaging service. I believe that has something to do with Microsoft though.

Viber in Ubuntu Linux

Do you Viber?

I am not much of Viber user but it good to see many popular apps coming to Linux. As Microsoft hardly cares for Skype on Linux, Viber could be the one filling the void of a good cross-platform voice and video messaging application.


  1. Sorry, I just stumbled across this website so I’ve been going through old posts… So I realise this is really old.

    I had Viber on my old phone (SGS2), but have since downgraded, since my old phone got lost (amusement park. yay). I really liked Viber because the sound quality is much nicer than Skype, in my opinion. Especially bc when I was on a weak connection Viber would keep going (and downgrade quality, if necessary) where Skype usually quits or would be glitchy. How is it on desktop?


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