UVdesk: A Free and Open-Source Helpdesk Ticket System

There are countless open-source solutions (including website creation tools and forum software) that power the web, and a helpdesk system is one of the vital areas that can benefit from it.

UVdesk is a free and open-source PHP based support ticket system with impressive options that you can start for free.

Here I shall mention more about it and how you can set it up for your business.

UVDesk: Open-Source Customer Support Solution

uvdesk open source

UVDesk is a helpdesk system built on Symfony (PHP framework for web development). An exciting alternative to proprietary ticketing systems like Zendesk.

It is another open-source offering from the same company responsible for Bagisto (an ecommerce platform that we’ve covered before).

UVDesk is primarily free but offers paid options if you want extra features and added security for your business.

You can respond to customer queries, create documentations, manage the support tickets, and do a lot of things from a single place. This is especially helpful if you have an eCommerce platform setup.

To explore more about it, let me highlight the key features it offers.

Features of UVDesk Helpdesk System

In addition to the basic abilities of a support system, it also offers some interesting features.

uvdesk contact

Here’s an overview of the features offered:

  • Ticket management and administration
  • Task management options to assign tickets and set a deadline for support agents
  • Email management to convert emails to support tickets
  • Ability to create documentations (knowledgebase) to guide customers for self-help
  • Theme customization of the support system/portal
  • Multi-channel support (aggregating support requests from different platforms like Facebook, Amazon, Website)
  • Automated options for customer follow-up reminders
  • Improve the workflow with the ability to automate tasks and how they’re handled
  • Progress Web App support
  • Social Media App integration
  • Ecommerce multi-channel integration
  • Form builder
  • Monitor agent’s support performance
  • Easy migration options when switching from a different support system to UVdesk
  • Self-hosting

Do note that some of the features will be limited to the paid option. But the essential features should be available completely for free.

Get Started Using UVdesk

You can directly download the zip package from the official website. It can be deployed using Docker as well.

For installation instructions, you can check their GitHub page and the official documentation to check the system requirements. In either case, you can also opt for a one-click setup on your Linux server using Softaculous installer.

Quick Impressions on the Demo

They offer you the ability to try a live demo before you consider using it.

uvdesk admin

I’ve never worked on a support system before, but limited to eCommerce projects using OpenCart, which is one of the best open source eCommerce platforms.

But I found the back-end system to be pretty simple and accessible. It is not a breathtaking experience on the back-end side, but ranging from the branding customization options to managing the knowledge base, it is an easy-to-use experience.

uvdesk mail settings

I also found the ticket management good enough.

uvdesk ticket management

Wrapping Up

Overall, UVdesk is a flexible, open-source helpdesk system that you can try and use for free. Of course, if you have a sizable business, you may need to opt for the paid plans available.

What other open-source helpdesk systems do you know of? How important do you think a helpdesk portal is? Let me know in the comments below!

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