Secure Email Service Tutanota sees F-Droid Release

Back in February, I reviewed an email provider called Tutanota. If you read the article, you will remember that I thought very highly of the service.

In my eyes, there were very few downsides to using the encrypted mail service, one of them being that you couldn’t use third-party email clients like Thunderbird for desktop computers or K-9 Mail for mobile devices. 

Well, as of this week, the Tutanota team has made it even easier to get their product on mobile devices, announcing that they are “the first open source email service to publish their Android app on F-Droid,” beating the likes of Protonmail and Kolab Now.

When Tutanota Developer and Co-Founder Matthias Pfau reached out to me on Twitter with the news, I about jumped out of my seat! I mean, this is big news.. Seriously.

I could explain to you why, but I think Matthias did a better job than I could over on Tutanota’s blog

“With the app release on F-Droid, Tutanota now proves that it is possible to build a secure email service that is completely Google-free, giving people a real open source alternative to the data-hungry market leader Gmail.”

At It’s FOSS, we obviously love Free Open Source Software. We love it so much that we spend our time writing articles and making videos all about it! Yet, we acknowledge how hard it is to migrate all of our services and tools completely away from proprietary software. Especially on the mobile front.

With this latest F-Droid release, Tutanota has made that migration process just that much easier for us freedom lovers.

If nothing else, this proves that we are closer than ever to living without proprietary/closed source application stores and software centers. And unlike in the past, we don’t have to be left wanting due to the lack of options and quality offerings found in their open source counterparts. 

What are your thoughts on this latest release? Are you a Tutanota user? An F-Droid user? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, and regularly check back into It’s FOSS for all things free and open source.

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