Turn Off Bluetooth By Default in Ubuntu [Quick Tip]

I recently bought a new Dell Inspiron 7437 and one of the first few things I did was to dual boot the pre-installed Windows with Ubuntu. My older laptop did not have Bluetooth, strange but true. This is why I never noticed that bluetooth is always on at each boot in Ubuntu.

Since, I hardly use Bluetooth, so why should I have Bluetooth enabled by default? It impacts the battery life a little after all.

While you can turn off Bluetooth in one click in Ubuntu, doing it in each session is a repetitive and frustrating task.

A simpler solution is to deactivate Bluetooth at start up in Ubuntu.

disable bluetooth by default in Ubuntu

In this quick post, I’ll share with you how to disable Bluetooth by default at each start up.

Turn off Bluetooth by default in Ubuntu

The new method is using systemd to disable any service including Bluetooth. All you have to do is to run this command in the terminal:

sudo systemctl disable bluetooth.service

If you are interested, you can expand the below section and check out the older way of disabling Bluetooth at each boot.

I hope you find this quick little tip helpful.

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