New Patch Replaces F-Words in Linux Kernel Code with "Hug"

Brief: To comply with the new code of conduct, a developer from Intel proposes to replace F-words in the Linux kernel code with “hug”.

Polite Linus Torvalds after Code of Conduct

Change is in air for the Linux Kernel Community.

Ever since the introduction of the Linux code of conduct, things are going in a ‘polite direction’.

To refresh your memory, a few months back a new code of conduct was introduced for the Linux kernel developers. This code of conduct asks the developers to be nice and welcoming to other developers and be more open to diversity.

The new code of conduct caused a huge controversy as many Linux users and developers saw it as a conspiracy by Social Justice Warriors (SJW) to infiltrate Linux. The rumors were especially boosted by the controversial past of the Contributor Covenant creator Coraline Ada Ehmke. The Linux code of conduct is based on the same Contributor Covenant.

Right after signing the new code of conduct, Linux creator Linus Torvalds took a month-long break to improve his behavior.

Torvalds who is known for being ruthless against poor code is a changed man now. After coming back from the break, Torvalds controlled his rage and instead of lashing out against a developer, he replied nicely and pointed his mistake in a polite way.

No more F-words in the Linux Kernel code?

There have been F-words in the Linux kernel code. To be clear, these F-words are in the code comments, not in the actual code.

You might expect that there will be way too many F-words in the 15+ millions of lines of Linux kernel code but that’s not the case.

Jarkko Sakkinen from Intel pushed these patches that replace the F-words 33 times in the 3.3 million lines of code comments.

Interestingly, the patch email is titled “Zero ****s, hugload of hugs <3“:

In order to comply with the CoC, replace **** with a hug.

So now comments have become:

  • Only Sun can take such nice parts and hug up the programming interface like this
  • IOC3 is hugging hugged beyond belief
  • Hug, we are miserable poor guys…

Do you give a ‘hug’ about these changes?

At this point, it’s not clear if this ‘hugging’ patch has been accepted or not. It’s more of an attempt to bring attention to profanity inside the kernel code. 

So, we have to wait and watch if this patch sets a trend for removing offensive words from the Linux kernel code.

What do you think of it? Is using ‘hug’ a good choice or do you have a better word for replacing the F-words?

And what do you think of these changes altogether. Do you think all these are unnecessary and futile exercises?

And when you comment, please replace your F-words with hugs :)

Story source: Phoronix

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