These Videos Prove That SUSE Is The Coolest Linux Enterprise

SUSE Parody Videos is Uber Cool

Let me begin with the cliché. I am not a fan of parody and spoofs.

But at times, I come across some spoof videos that are simply irresistible. Perhaps it is the geek element that makes these spoof so much enjoyable for me.

Talking of ‘geek parodies’, I am going to share with you three spoof videos of popular songs. These spoofs will leave you in awe of the creativity of the SUSE Linux team. 

1. Uptime Funk

Released last year, Uptown Funk is a chartbuster from Bruno Mars. A parody “Uptime Funk” of this song is just as awesome as the original. The video was released in SUSECon 2015. Here, watch it and enjoy it:

2. SUSE, Yes Please!

Sugar by Maroon 5 has been converted to SUSE, Yes Please this time. I think I am going to keep it on my phone as well :)

3. What Does The Chameleon Say

Remember internet sensation What does the fox say? Though not as geeky as Uptime Funk or SUSE, Yes Please, What does the Chameleon Say was also a big hit in Linux community. Just to add for the newbies, Chameleon is the mascot of SUSE Linux.

4. Code Together

SUSE has just released a new geek parody video. This time, they have chosen Beatles’ famous Come Together song.

5. Can’t Stop the SUSE

Based on Justin Timberlake’s chartbuster Can’t Stop the Feeling, SUSE created Can’t Stop the SUSE:

Okay! I may have been exaggerated that SUSE is the coolest Linux enterprise, but you have to agree that these videos are the coolest :)

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