How To Solve: Archive Type Not Supported In Ubuntu Linux [Quick Tip]


Problems with extracting archive files are very common in any Linux system. There are troubles with .cbr files, RAR files and then there are the common troubles with gzip stdin not in gzip format. The time again, I stumbled with a similar problem with compressed file in Ubuntu.

I was trying to install a Conky script which I had downloaded from devianART. When I first extracted the downloaded gzipped file, it extracted another compressed with no extension. So when I tried to extract it in Nautilus, it threw an error in my face which read as: Archive type not supported.

Archive type not supported Ubuntu Linux


To find the source of error, I went to command line and ran a “file” command on it to check the type of compressed file. It told me that it was a POSIX tar archive. I was amazed that default archive manager of Ubuntu was not able to extract a tar archived file. But then it clicked me. The file had no extension.

Archive type not supported Ubuntu Linux


Once I realized that the problem was again simple and stupid with no or wrong file extension, solution was easy. I just renamed the file from <filename> to <filename>.tar and man it worked like a charm. Alternatively, you can extract it in command line, after renaming, in the following manner:

tar <filename>.tar

As i said, most of the time problem is with extension name. Hope that it helps in getting rid of Archive type not supported error in Ubuntu and other Linux. Take care till next time.

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  • Not a helpful article. Sorry to say that.

    You should mentioned too that there are some necessary packages that need to be installed along with the file archiver like ark or lxqt-archiver or whatever you use, to open some file extensions. These packages under arch linux are like: unrar, zip, unzip.

    These packages are essential to install under base or barebone Artix or any Arch-based distro.

  • Yes, this step is both ‘simple and stupid’, but have you actually noticed what it does to the file? When you change it from, let’s say, .exe to .tar, it overwrites all the content it would have shown in a Windows computer. It’s like the same effect it does when you convert a file from doc to pdf. Since the file wasn’t originally downloaded as a .tar file, it won’t get anything else to open, so you have an empty file that can’t extract, and also can’t open. So consider on making a guide on how to change an .exe file to a .tar file and open the original content or without overwriting it.