How To Run .cbr Files to Read Comics in Ubuntu

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Comics in digital format usually comes in .cbr file format. .cbr files are merely RAR compressed files. It contains of several image files that are compressed in to one .cbr file to read it as a book. You can un-compress .cbr files using Archive Manager if you have RAR installed in your computer (Read how to open RAR files in Ubuntu). But extracting a .cbr files results in showing all the images separately. If you simply try running it with default Document Viewer, it should give the following error:

Unable to open document: File type RAR archive (application/x-rar) is not supported


How to open .cbr file in Ubuntu:

To open a .cbr files, there are several comic book readers available on Linux. My favorite among them is Comix. It has nice features such as next-previous page and thumbnails. Moreover, it is not resource hungry. You can install this program from Ubuntu Software Center. Open Ubuntu Software and search for Comix. Click on it to install it:


Once it is installed, to read a .cbr file, right click on the file and choose Open with Comix:


I hope this tutorial helped you. Happy reading :)

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  • The program “Comics” has been dead for years, and isn’t in any current repositories. (Even its fork, Mcomix, is long gone) Why do you recommend Comics, and what’s a realistic replacement?

  • The document viewer, for example evince, can see cbr files without problems if version 4 of rar is used when compressing. To know which version of rar was used in the creation of the cbr file, you can use the file command.

    RAR archive data, v4
    RAR archive data, v5 <—

    Create a cbr using version 4 of rar:
    rar -ma4 a XXX.cbr *

  • I’m not sure if its my torrent problem or not.But CBR files arer not running with comix,Though CBZ works perfect

  • Great!!! Just downloaded Marvel’s Age of Ultron comics, and I need this app! Thx a lot Abhishek!

    Greetings from Indonesia

    • But unrar package is used for unpacking rar archive files and it will be required at later stage. Uninstalling it will not be an advisable step.

      • He said install, not uninstall. If you do not have Unrar installed, Evince cannot read cbr files. If you do have Unrar installed, Evince will open cbr files. You don’t have to change any settings, just install Unrar.