Planner: A Beautiful Open-Source Task Management App

Brief: Planner is an open-source to-do list app that helps you organize and collect your ideas/tasks.

There are several tools and services that let us organize and manage tasks. But, if it is primarily tailored for Linux and offers a fantastic user experience? That’s a bonus!

Planner is such a tool at your disposal.

Unfortunately, it is not available for any other platform but Linux.

Planner: An Open-Source To Do List App

planner screenshot

An incredibly good-looking open-source task management app with essential features. It helps you organize tasks while providing a good user experience.

It was originally tailored for a seamless experience with elementary OS, hence, for the best user experience, you can try installing an elementary OS theme and icons.

But, that is totally optional. In fact, I tried it on Pop!_OS 21.04 without installing any additional themes and icon packs.

Overall, it is easy to use and offers some essential features that you might want to know before trying it out.

Features of Planner

planner board view

While it looks like a simple to-do list app from the get-go, it has a lot to offer. Some of the features to highlight are:

  • Ability to create/organize different projects.
  • Drag and drop support for tasks.
  • Make sections to further divide your tasks/ideas.
  • Schedule tasks for a particular time (supports recurring tasks as well).
  • Add multiple reminders for a task.
  • Ability to add sub-tasks.
  • Assign priorities for the tasks added.
  • Choose a board view to better organize or simplify viewing the tasks when you have a lot of things going on.
  • Supports labels to easily filter you ideas or tasks.
  • Sync integration with Todoist to enable cross-platform support.
  • Dark and Light theme choices.
  • Emoji support for the task/project title to make it look attractive and meaningful.
  • Ability to send the tasks/ideas by email or share as a markdown file.
  • Unread badge count support.
  • Ability to export data offline.
  • An option to keep the app running in the background to never miss any reminders or for quick access.
  • Ability to tweak the clock format.
  • Integration with system’s default calendar.

Even with all the features, it is quite easy to organize and offers a simple user interface suitable for everyone.

No matter whether you want to manage a whole lot of tasks utilizing all the functionalities, or just add a few to-do lists, Planner is an amazing tool to help you out with.

todoist sync

Installing Planner in Linux

If you are using elementary OS, you will find it listed in the AppCenter.

For other Linux distributions, you can grab it as a Flatpak package and get it installed. If you have Flatpak integration with your software center, just search for it or enter the following command in the terminal:

flatpak install flathub com.github.alainm23.planner

It is also available in AUR and Fedora repositories if you prefer that. You can also explore the GitHub page for more info.

Wrapping Up

Choosing one of the best to-do list apps for your requirements is important. Once done right, it will help you step up your task management game and organize your life better.

If you can manage cross-platform support using Todoist integration, Planner is a good pick. After all, you can always consider some of the note-taking apps as an alternative solution as well.

About the author
Ankush Das

Ankush Das

A passionate technophile who also happens to be a Computer Science graduate. You will usually see cats dancing to the beautiful tunes sung by him.

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