Peppermint 8 Released. Download Now!

Peppermint OS 8 released

Cloud focused Linux distribution Peppermint OS has a new release today. The latest version Peppermint OS 8 is based on the latest point release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Peppermint OS is a lightweight, fast Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It brings some few new features like Site Specific Browser to give it a cloud-centric approach and thus making it a viable Linux alternative to Chrome OS.

Regular Peppermint OS features

Some of the main features of Peppermint OS in general are:

  • Lightweight Linux distribution designed to work on low resources
  • Beginner friendly and easy installation (as it is based on Ubuntu)
  • Automatic updates (like most other Linux distributions)
  • A hybrid LXDE/Xfce desktop environment, mixing LXDE’s lxsession with Xfce’s panel and application menu
  • Site Specific Browser allows seamless integration with cloud and web-based applications
  • Nemo file browser

What’s new in Peppermint 8

These are the new features in Peppermint OS 8:

  • Linux Kernel 4.8 series 
  • Mesa 17.0.2 for improved gaming experience on Linux
  • The Peppermint 8 ISO images now have ‘OEM Install’ option to allow computers to be shipped with Peppermint pre-installed (time for a PepperBook?)
  • Peppermint 8 now has an improved keyboard layout handling, with the ability to swap between multiple layouts from the system tray
  • External drives are now auto-mounted when plugged in and DVD’s auto-played in VLC
  • Chromium web browser is back as default with the pepperflash PPAPI flashplayer included
  • pluma text editor is replaced with xed
  • lxtask task manager has been replaced with xfce4-taskmanager because it displays more active information including a CPU and RAM usage trace
  • All X-Apps are now in the Peppermint 8 repositories
  • NFS and exFAT support by default
  • Panel Reset option in Peppermint Settings Panel allows resetting the xfce4-panel to system defaults
  • New option to enable/disable hibernation and system sounds in the settings

You can find a detailed list of new features on the announcement page.

Download Peppermint OS 8

Peppermint OS 8 is available for both 32bit and 64bit systems. You can download it from its homepage:

Download Peppermint 8

I would like to congratulate Peppermint team for the new release. I made a small contribution of $20 to appreciate their effort as part of It’s FOSS donation plan.

Please do spread the word about the new Peppermint OS release by sharing this article on social media.

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  • Download Peppermint 8 link (that has the Chromium Web Browser) takes you to Peppermint 10 Respin download page, which has the Firefox Web Browser, which I absolutely abhor.

    It is just as well I downloaded Peppermint 8 os well before it got hijacked by those people who force the horrible Firefox browser onto all operating systems, ugh!

    I still have that package – 32 & 64 bits. Peppermint 8 os with chromium web browser is such a breeze. When ‘they’ attack my pages with their bugs (viruses) all I do is restart the pc and you can see these bugs (viruses) being cleared out, awesome, no need for stupid anti-virus programs.

  • I liked the way I could swap out Peppermint 8 from a Dell Latitude e5400 to a Lenovo X220. Running P>9 in the 5400. Will be looking for another X220. May be able to do a SSD swap to an HP as well ?