Pennsylvania High School Distributes 1,700 Ubuntu Laptops to Students

OpenSource Pennsylvania Linux

Penn Manor School in Pennsylvania, USA, has distributed 1,700 laptops to its student under 1:1 Laptop Program. All of these 1,700 laptops run Ubuntu 13.10 along with bunch of Open Source applications.

Under this 1:1 Laptop Program, each student received an Acer TravelMate TMB113 laptop running Ubuntu 13.10. School’s IT team spent part of their winter holidays configuring the 1,700 laptops. Laptops are meant to used in school at campus and at home. Laptops are also equipped with built in filtering system that filters out content deemed unsuitable for minors. If you have kids at home, you may want to read this article to learn how to block adult content in Ubuntu easily.

So far, this is the largest Open Source implementation in Pennsylvania. Just by using the Open Source software, school aims to save at least $360,000 on licensing fees.

Trend for Open Source adaption is growing worldwide. In past French Police saved millions by switching to Linux with its custom Ubuntu OS, Administration of German City Munich and Spanish city Valencia also adopted Open Source. Recently, UK government also indicated to switch to Open Source Office product.

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  • This is pretty awesome. Now if they’d start by teaching the kids how to install it theirselves too and how to fix their systems, or allow them to play with other operating systems, etc.. man they’d be teaching them something that would change some of those kids lives by giving them education for IT jobs that is light years ahead of their peers just by being on the operating system that most of the servers that run the internet are already using.

    I learned basic linux when I’m 12, I’m 33 now, and I’ve been working making a living based on what I learned to do for fun as a kid. That’s a hell of a career path if you can accident into it by exposure, and programs like this do just that.

    I tried to volunteer to do something like this with donation computers for a local school, they looked at me like I was somewhat crazy and had no idea what I was talking about.

    Idea being, go into a local school, ask parents and family to donate laptops they no longer use or that might even be broken. Recycle as many as possible, and start a program at the school teaching kids to use them, especially kids with no laptops, but allow other kids to bring from home, doing something simple like building a simple website using a linux computer.

    It’s free, and it would change lives. Learning to proficiently use a computer is one of the most useful things you can possibly learn in our society, and kids need to be learning it earlier in life.