FOSS Weekly #23.38: Fedora 39 Features, GNOME 45 Release, Beaver Notes, LTS Kernel Support Change and More

The Linux Kernel LTS support is changing, not that it will impact you directly in any sense.
Warp Terminal

Maintaining a Linux kernel can be a daunting task. Developers are aware of it. That's why they have decided to reduce the support for all LTS kernel versions to two years. Earlier, some LTS kernel versions were supported for six years.

You don't need to worry about these changes as your distribution takes care of the kernel version, even if it reached end of life. It's just that something good to know.

Stay tuned for the 'new feature' that will be added to It's FOSS next week 🙊

Also, I forgot to add the link to the unique browser list in the previous edition 🙈 so here it is

7 Lesser Known but Unique Web Browsers For You to Explore
Looking for something different? These unique web browsers can help you make things interesting.

💬 Let's see what else you get in this edition of FOSS Weekly:

  • Ubuntu 23.10 brings back ZFS support.
  • PPA and their working
  • A brief look at the upcoming Fedora 39 release.
  • And other Linux news, videos, Puzzles and, of course, memes!

📰 Linux news

Fedora 39 Features: It’s Time To Talk About Them!
Fedora 39 is coming in hot! Learn what’s new here before you get it installed.

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🧠 What we’re thinking about

Nextcloud is improving drastically with each new release. The addition of an ethical AI is a welcome move. We cannot ignore AI as it helps with mundane tasks that can be automated.

Nextcloud Hub 6: Healthy meeting culture and the first local AI Assistant - Nextcloud
Announcing Nextcloud Hub 6! Discover how to foster a healthy meeting culture and transform your work with the first local AI Assistant!

🧮 Tips and Tutorials

Came across this error ''This PPA does not support jammy'' recently so I decided to share the beginner's guide to PPA.

PPA in Ubuntu Linux [Definitive Guide]
An in-depth article that covers almost all the questions around using PPA in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions.

Here's an extension that adds new dimensions to GNOME customization.

Customizing GNOME with Just Perfection Extension
Add new customization aspects to your Linux desktop with Just Perfection GNOME Extension.

📹 What we are watching

A nice look into what happens in the background when you type a command in the terminal.

✨ App highlights

Beaver notes is an interesting note-taking app that stores notes locally.

Beaver Notes: A Private Open-Source Note-Taking App
A privacy-focused note-taking app available cross-platform. Let’s take a look at it!

🧩 Puzzle (for Pro members only)

Not too complicated. All you have to do is to drag and drop and group applications that fall in the same category to complete the puzzle!!

Puzzle of the Week: Categorize #2: Linux Applications
Exercise those ‘little gray cells’ of yours and solve this puzzle.

💡 Quick handy tip

Use the “Forget Firefox History” tool to clean your browser history.

First, add the forget button to the toolbar. Then click on it, choose the time, and click “Forget”.

🤣 Meme of the week

systemd brings many down to their knees, what about you?

🗓️ Tech Trivia

On 27 September, the GNU project will be turning 40! Forty years of software freedom and making software open for everyone. Thank you, Richard Stallman 🙏🏼

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 FOSSverse corner

Should you remove some LibreOffice fonts if you are not using them, or keep them? That's the discussion going on in the Community.

Fonts in Libre Office
In Libre Office there are so many (Noto) Fonts and I will never use them. I find here and on the internet several manuals how to get rid of them (make them invisible). I tryed a number of suggestions to get rid of them but it don work or I did somethin wrong. In Libre Officie I installed my own favo…

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