Puzzle of the Week: Word Search #6: Debian Release Names

Exercise those 'little gray cells' of yours and solve this puzzle.

Time to use your 'little grey cells' (in Hercule Poirot's voice).

These puzzles are a fun way to spend some time testing your Linux knowledge.

No, these are not textbook questions on Linux commands. These are fun puzzles composed of everyday Linux terms, tools and distros. You don't need to be a professional to answer them. Most, if not all, questions can be answered by regular desktop Linux users.

Each week you'll find a new puzzle in the form of crosswords, scrambled words, word searches etc.

This week: Word Search #6: Debian Release Names

In this word search game, you need to spot all the given Debian Release code names. Fun Fact: All the Debian Releases are named after the character names in Toy Story Films

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