FOSS Weekly #23.11: Ubuntu 23.04 Features, 2 New Distros, Terminal Basics and More Linux Stuff

Two new distros have been announced this week. Apart from that, take a look at the features of the upcoming Ubuntu 23.04.
Warp Terminal

Do we need more Linux distros or more Linux users? Perhaps, both.

Two new distros announced this week have specific purposes. Ubuntu users would find one of them particularly interesting.

💬 Let's see what else you have this week:

  • Continuation of NixOS and Terminal Basics series
  • Uneven circuit aging is posing a challenge
  • And more Linux news, open source applications, videos and memes

📰 Linux News Round-up

9 Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster) Features We Spotted So Far
Ubuntu 23.04 is around the corner. Learn all about the features that you can expect with its release.

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Humble Tech Book Bundle: Think Like a Programmer by No Starch
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🧠 What we’re thinking about

Circuit aging for chips is beginning to become a big issue for engineering teams, as they are having to look for new ways to improve reliability to ensure chip functionality throughout their expected lifetimes.

Read more about it here.

March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell makes the fateful call to his assistant, Mr. Watson, which is considered the first phone call in history: “Mr. Watson come here I want you.”

⛓️️Tutorial series

In the latest chapter of the Linux Terminal Basics series for beginners, learn about viewing files using Linux commands.

View the File Contents in Linux Command Line
In this chapter of the Terminal Basics series, you’ll learn about viewing the contents of files in the Linux command line.

Continuing the Nix OS series with a few tips on things to do after installing it.

NixOS Series #4: Things To Do After Installing NixOS
What do you do right after installing NixOS? Clueless? We got your back.

‍✨🐧 New distros announced

Kali Linux announced a new distro to focus on 'defensive security'.

Kali Linux’s 10th Anniversary: A New ‘Kali Purple’ Distro and a Version Upgrade
Kali Linux gears up with new tools, a new ISO and unveils exciting plans for 2023.

Another new distro which is basically Ubuntu with Snap removed and Flatpak added to it.

This New Linux Distro Replaces Snap With Flatpak in Ubuntu
Ubuntu with Flatpak and without Snap. Sounds like a deal to you? Try this out.

📹 What we are watching

It's always interesting to learn about the origins of the Linux project.

📱Application highlights

Something for terminal and Mastodon fans

GitHub - ihabunek/toot: toot - Mastodon CLI & TUI
toot - Mastodon CLI & TUI. Contribute to ihabunek/toot development by creating an account on GitHub.

🤣 Linux Humor

BTW, it's just for fun.

Linux helping low end PC meme

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